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The Best Electric Scooters for Commuting Buying Guide 2022

It’s becoming more difficult not to notice the best electric scooters for Commuting, school, or just a trip into town. Free of oil and gasoline, electric scooters provide a clean and quiet option for best electric scooters for Commuting locally and don’t carry the same maintenance costs of cars or other larger vehicles.

In urban environments, electric scooters are not only a green way to travel but are a more efficient solution for crowded cities. Our complete guide presents different options for anyone looking to break into the scooter world, whether you need a quick ride to work, or merely something to ride around the block for fresh air and enjoyment.

Electric scooters are also available in different shapes and sizes, with some options presenting a standing board, while others include a full seat and a bit of cargo area (just in case you need to pick up some milk and eggs after work). No matter your best electric scooters for commuting need, we have an electric scooter for you.

TOP 3 Electric Scooter Commuting IN 2022


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Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric Scooter

Goes uphill to 20 mph & can travel
occurring to 10 miles (40 mins-1 hr.) per fighting.

Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter

This scooter also comes with an energy-saving braking system meant to extend your battery life

Gotrax GXL V2 Commuting Electric Scooter

The sleek black build and light frame make it perfect for carrying up staircases and transporting when not in use

Razor E100 Electric Scooter

 It’ll positively cut down by the tip of the journey, however, it hasn’t an unsuccessful American state, however.

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Our writers spent a pair of hours researching the foremost standard electrical scooters for commutation on the market.

Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter

A great starter model for newcomers to electrical scooters, the Razor Power Core E90 electrical Scooter delivers power for an occasional value.

Razor E300 Durable Adult & Teen Ride Scooter

Backed by the well-known Razor name, the Razor E300 electrical scooter is an impressive combination of worth and battery life.

GigaByke Groove 750 Watt Motorized E-Bike

Slim and trendy, the Gigabyke Groove could be a powerful and nimble electrical scooter.

Razor E125 Electrical Scooter

Cruise around the neighborhood a la mode with the Razor E125 electrical scooter. self-praise a chain-driven, high-torque motor.

Segway Ninebot ES4 Electric Kick Scooter

Experience larger power, range, and speed. Equipped with an enclosed and external atomic number 3 particle battery.


Top 10 Best Electric Scooters for Commuting Review

1.Razor EcoSmart Metro Electric scooter

If you’re seeking out a comfortable commuter scooter with storage, but only need to travel short distances at a time, then Razor’s EcoSmart Metro scooter might be an excellent choice. With a max speed of 18 mph, the EcoSmart Metro can travel up to 40 minutes on a single charge (that’s about 12 miles of range).

A decent-sized rear basket also allows for the carrying of small cargo if needed. Beyond the range of the EcoSmart Metro, the other downside to Razor’s scooter is its maximum rider weight.

While the unit is large enough for an adult, the rider can weigh no more than 220 pounds, which may cross the scooter off some wish lists.

If you aren’t bothered by the shorter range or low weight limit, then Razor’s EcoSmart Metro electric scooter is an excellent pick for those quick commutes. The bamboo wood deck is our favorite detail to the machine, but you won’t find any other amenities as the EcoSmart Metro lacks both turn signals and headlights.

  • Reach speeds up to 18 mph.
  • 10 miles.
  • Comfortable padded seat.
  • 16 inch wheels for a smooth ride.
  • Bamboo deck.
  • Environmentally conscious.
  • Detachable luggage carrier with basket.

  • Weighs 67 lbs.
  • 12 hours charge time.


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2.Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter


One of the lightest scooters on our list, this scooter is sleek, efficient, and easy-to-use. Weighing in at less than 27 pounds, this scooter has an easy flip, fold, clip compaction system that means you can go from riding to walking in 3 seconds flat.

Talk about convenient! With both headlights and taillights to help increase your visibility, this scooter works well on later in the evening commutes to help you get across large parking lots or down less-than-lit sidewalks with no issue.

While the charging time for this product is slightly higher than some of our earlier entries to this list at 5 hours, the over 18-mile use distance per charge makes up for the added charge time, hands down.

As an added bonus, this scooter has a weight range of up to 220 lbs. This scooter also comes with an energy-saving braking system meant to extend your battery life. As one reviewer pointed out, “Braking is great.

The front-wheel uses some type of regenerative braking that charges the battery, the back disk brake adds kind of a trail braking effect.” If you’re looking to commute to work in style, this scooter is right up your alley.

  • Ergonmic Throttle Control + Cruise Control.
  • Durable and Well Engineered.
  • Battery Monitor.
  • Fold-able Design.
  • Great Top Speed, Range & Overall Design For The Price Point.
  • Headlights + Taillights.
  • App Available For Advanced Statistics And Ride Information.

  • Poor bell design.
  • Push to start function is a tad un-intuitive at first.


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3. Gotrax Gxl Commuting Electric Scooter


Lightweight, compact, durable tires and design, and a 4 hour charge time—what more could you ask for in a commuter scooter? This scooter weighs in at 26.4 lbs. and has a max speed of 15.5 MPH for those longer commuting trips.

As mentioned before, the durable tires are made for traveling over less-than-ideal terrain between you and your office, making them perfect for sidewalks, roads, and side paths.

With a dual braking system, you will feel in full control of this scooter every time you use it. And with variable travel speeds, you can take it nice and easy or travel at the maximum speed, the choice is yours. While this little scooter doesn’t go as far as some heavier scooters do on a single charge, what it lacks in the battery makes up for the inconvenience and design.

The sleek black build and light frame make it perfect for carrying up staircases and transporting when not in use, and the short battery charge time means you can give it an added boost of battery while still at work.

As one commuter mentioned on Amazon, “I got this to help with my commute and I didn’t realize it would be so much fun. This thing flies! And it folds down really small so I can stash it under my desk.” 

So take a number of the strain out of your morning commute and invest during this scooter, you won’t regret it.

  • LED speedometer
  • Attractive blue finish
  • Very compact folding
  • Double gear switching
  • Quick charge time
  • Bright headlight
  • Affordable price
  • Responsive brakes

  • No kickstand
  • Doesn’t handle bumps that smoothly
  • Non-ergonomic pedalboard
  • The 12-mile range may be too short for some


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4. Razor E100 Electrical Scooter

The Razor E100 electrical Scooter’s bestselling feature is its size. this little scooter packs a good quantity of punch, able to reach speeds of up to ten MPH. If you’re searching for a straightforward, easy-to-use scooter, this can be the right possibility.

returning in at a cheaper price purpose than most of the scooters on this list, this little powerhouse is ideal for anyone UN agency isn’t certain they’ll make the most of their new set of wheels that always.

The biggest drawback of this scooter is that the battery charge time. whereas different electrical scooters boast a charge time of around three to four hours, this scooter takes a full twelve hours to recharge or a lot of.

However, in contrast to different electrical scooters, this scooter will handle associate up to 40-minute constant driving speed, creating it ideal for those slightly longer journeys that will take forever once on foot, whereas this tiny scooter isn’t ideal for traveling up and down hills, joined reviewer aforesaid,

“I take this to and from work (25 minutes every way) and it’s, however, to die on me! It’ll positively cut down by the tip of the journey, however, it hasn’t an unsuccessful American state, however.”

If you’re searching for a scooter to introduce you to the fun of commutation mistreatment an electrical scooter, this product won’t baffle.

  • Support a kick-off start.
  • Pneumatic front tire.
  • Carries up to 120lbs.
  • Ideal for kids 8+ years old.
  • Retractable kickstand.
  • Kick start motor.
  • Hand operated front brake.
  • Twist grip accelerator.

  • Chain driven motor can come off on occasion.


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5.Razor E200

Electric scooters are not only for adults; teenagers can even get in on the action. In fact, electrical scooters square measure a superb means for teens to induce around the city or to their initial part-time job while not a license or automotive.

that includes a customary, bare-bones style (it’s pretty reasonable once all), the E200 will not be winning any awards, however, it’d win the hearts of oldsters UN agency will limit their children at twelve mph travel speeds.

The two hundred watts motor below the deck is operated by a twist-grip and might carry up to 154 pounds; therefore it’s essential to form certain your teenage falls at intervals these limits.

Razor quotes the E200 travel distance as twelve mph for up to forty minutes, which equates to around eight miles on a charge.

on the far side the enclosed retractile kickstand, no different amenities square measure enclosed, therefore with the unit’s light-weight style, we tend to do suggest a motorcycle lock to stay it secure from a felony.

Our writers spent a pair of hours researching the foremost standard electrical scooters for commutation on the market. Before creating their final recommendations,

they thought-about twenty-four totally different electrical scooters overall, screened choices from twenty four totally different brands and makers, browse over twelve user reviews (both positive and negative), and tested one of the electrical scooters themselves. All of this analysis adds up to recommendations you’ll be able to trust.

  • Maximum speed of 20mph.
  • Comes in bundles with safety gear.
  • 40 min and above battery life
 or run time (12v sealed lead acid).
  • 12hr charging time.
  • Rides well on various terrains.
  • Fullsize deck and frame (steel frame).
  • Pneumatic tires.
  • Hand operated rear brake.

  • Battery life may deteriorate over time.


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6.Razor Power Core E90 Electrical Scooter

A great starter model for newcomers to electrical scooters, the Razor Power Core E90 electrical Scooter delivers power for an occasional value.

When the general public thinks about kick scooters for youths, they think about the Razor complete. do not count it move into the electrical scooter game, either.

The Razor Power Core E90 electrical Scooter could be a zippy and economical model. With a high speed of ten miles per hour and the most ride time of up to seventy minutes, this fun and durable scooter is a superb deal.

The Razor Power Core E90 electrical Scooter could be a wallet-friendly means for novices to dip their toes within the electrical scooter transportation pool. Reviewers describe it as simple to assemble, ride and maintain.

In fact, Best Reviews named this model “Best Bang for Buck,” Liveware selected it as “Best Budget” scooter, and Envy Ride hand-picked it joined its high 5 “budget-friendly” models.

You might not expect a lot of power from a budget model, however, the Razor Power Core E90 electrical Scooter defies expectations. With an amazingly long life per charge, the scooter’s battery permits for up to seventy minutes of continuous use. heaps of reviewers say they merely charge the battery long.

You kick-start the scooter to induce it going, and so the in-wheel hub motor takes over. It additionally incorporates a push-button throttle and hand brakes.

Despite the scooter’s publicized most rider weight of one hundred twenty pounds, we tend to found many on-line reviews by grownups over one hundred fifty pounds UN agency found it quite lively and decipherable.

we tend to gather from comments, however, that the Razor Power Core E90 electrical Scooter is best for youths or lighter, shorter adult riders.

Pros: Zippy and economical with long battery life.

  • Good riding time

The scooter runs for 80 minutes on a single charge and it is perfect for kids.

  • Light-weight body

The scooter is light-weight and portable, so your child won’t mind carrying it around

  • Powerful motor

The 90-watt hub motor supports speeds of up to 10 mph and it is great for an entry-level rider.

  • Low torque

The low torque makes it difficult to ride the scooter uphill, and you are limited to flat surfaces


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7. Razor E 300

Backed by the well-known Razor name, the Razor E300 electrical scooter is an impressive combination of worth and battery life. Once aboard the E300, riders will travel up to fifteen miles per hour for up to forty minutes of continuous use before desirous to recharge.

on the far side battery life, the broader deck and frame build the E300 a lot of appropriate for all ages, whereas still supporting riders up to 220 pounds in weight.

What it lacks in safety lights (so it is best used throughout the daytime) it quite makes up for with a swish and stable ride, because of its 10-inch wide tires and a lightweight frame that weighs solely forty-three pounds.

Riding the E300 has twist-grip acceleration and a manual rear brake that produces it the E300 the best selection for users of all talent levels. in addition, a retractile kickstand makes aged and of the E300 easier than best models.

  • Speeds up to fifteen mph
  • Up to forty minutes of continuous use.Max weight 220 Pounds
  • Super-sized deck and frame
  • High force, chain-driven motor
  • Features rear-wheel drive for accumulated traction and management

  • Doesn’t do very well going uphill.


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8. Gigabyke Groove

Slim and trendy, the Gigabyke Groove could be a powerful and nimble electrical scooter, capable of maneuvering up hills or taking long treks on the road.

The 750w motor permits it to achieve speeds of up to twenty miles per hour, and also the 48v 14AH siloxane accumulator enables you to travel up to twenty-five miles on one charge, requiring solely six hours before it’s absolutely battery-powered once more.

the eye to style additionally extends to the rider’s comfort: the leather-padded seat is adjustable and also the bike includes 32” handlebars and twin front and rear suspension.

Prioritizing safety, the Gigabyke Groove options a front diode headlamp for night visibility, similarly as front and rear diode flip signals and a rear stoplight thus you’ll be simply be seen by motorists and pedestrians.

Monitor your stats with Associate in Nursing show|LCD|digital display|alphanumeric display} display between the handlebars, wherever you’ll check the scooter’s battery level and odometer. The scooter is offered in multiple colors.

  • Easy to set up out of the box with just a few tools and an hour of time
  • Pedals which help to tackle inclines as well as pushing off to save battery life
  • US-based company with an excellent manufacture record
  • No need for license or registration to ride
  • Responsive suspension and disc brakes for a smooth, safe experience

  • Some damage can occur during shipping due to the product being shipped whole
  • It’s a shame that pedaling isn’t gyroscopic and won’t charge the battery
  • Rather expensive



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9. Razor E125 Electrical Scooter

Product Description

The Razor E125 is that the good entry-level electrical scooter for youths 8+. options a strong electrical engine with quickens to 10mph! Up to 40min continuous use on an absolutely charged battery. New chain-driven motor and twist-grip style.

Cruise around the neighborhood a la mode with the Razor E125 electrical scooter. self-praise a chain-driven, high-torque motor, and a handy twist-grip throttle, the E125 is that the good device for pre-teens and youths desperate to nothing over to a friend’s house or head to the park.

in contrast to Razor’s E300S and E500S scooters–whose motors begin from a standing position–, the E125 needs a tiny low manual kickoff to three miles per hour before beginning (the rider presses a trigger to have interaction the motor).

Once the rider is on the move, however, the electric motor ramps up to ten miles per hour–fast enough to own fun, however not quick enough to be a menace on the road or passe.

And because of the long reversible battery, that takes concerning eight hours to totally charge, riders will cruise for up to forty minutes at a stretch. Other details embody a folding bar mechanism for simple storage and transport, associate degree 8-inch gas front tire and four.

9-inch polymer rear wheel, and a manual front brake. The E125 is suggested for ages eight and older and offers the most weight capability of a hundred and twenty pounds.

It additionally comes with a combination of 12-volt batteries, a charger, and tools and is backed by a 90-day warranty. the client and rider of the E125 scooter are liable for knowing and obeying all native, state, and federal rules concerning the riding and use of scooters.

  • Razor Electric Scooter E125 has a commendable speed of 10 mph which is suits for Kids.
  • Has a good Battery Life. You can recharge it more and more times you want.
  • Kids Razor Electric Scooter has a Folding Handle-bar Mechanism.
  • It has a 90-day warranty on the Razor Electric Scooter Parts.

  • Warranty period is very short, that means 3 months.
  • The Back Wheel is made up of Plastic.
  • It is not a Foldable Electric Scooter.



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10. Ninebot ES4 Sleek E-Scooter by Segway

Product description

Experience larger power, range, and speed. Equipped with an enclosed and external atomic number 3 particle battery, the Segway ES4 Kick Scooter encompasses a nominal capability of 374 watt-hours, doubling that of the ES2, thus you’ll travel farther and reach your destination faster than ever before.

the additional power comes with controlled acceleration for a power tool ride and a controller choice thus you’ll ride in comfort. And because of the smooths anti-slip handle, you’ll fancy higher grip and management.

Dual Batteries for the simplest Performance

The ES4 is Ningbo by Segway’s premium model Kick Scooter. It boasts up to 800W of power, considerably quite ES1 and ES2. This increased power level delivers extended vary and faster speed, whereas still being collapsible and light-weight.

With a top speed of roughly nineteen mph (30 km/h*), and a typical vary of up to twenty-eight miles (45 km*), the ES4 will take you simply concerning anyplace you would like to go!

*Depends on riding vogue and piece of land.

*Test Condition: tested whereas riding beneath full power, 165 lbs. (75 kg) load, 77°F (25°C), 60% of max. Speed on the average on pavement.

  • Extra external battery.
  • Long 28-mile range.
  • Fast max speeds.
  • Foldable for storage.
  • New grip pattern.
  • Rear light.
  • Sleek silver finish.
  • Comfortable handlebar.
  • Cruise control feature.

  • Only comes in two colors.
  • Stand is non-adjustable.
  • More expensive than previous models.
  • No updates to the wheels.
  • Limited terrain use.


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Yearly Guide & Report

The Best Electric Scooters for Commuting for traveling to figure is one which will get you there quick, in spite of wherever you reside. The scooter additionally must be reliable for several years to come back and safe too. There are several things to contemplate once shopping for the proper scooter for you, and here are some pointers to follow once browsing the market.

Most scooters are created for flat cities, however, there are those places that aren’t so flat. For those things, you would like a scooter that has enough power to urge you over hills and keep a relentless speed whereas doing that.

you would like associate degree engine with enough power for that and most scooters that have between 200W and 500W of power will address inclinations of ten to fifteen degrees.

With additional power comes the likelihood to urge over larger inclinations. what is more, power is additionally associate degree indicator that shows how briskly a Best Electric Scooters for Commuting will go?

It’s one issue to possess electric battery which will last for an hour and a scooter to travel 8mph, associate degrees it’s one thing else to possess the constant battery and an engine which will stand up to speeds of 20mph or additional.

The power of the engine is additionally necessary once golf shot additional weight on the scooter. the upper the burden, the lower the speed. However, there are scooters able to carry three hundred pounds and still get the user over hills.


When selecting the correct scooter for traveling, the vary is one amongst the foremost necessary factors. The Best Electric Scooters for Commuting that have a variety that’s smaller than seven miles might cause you to unsure concerning reaching your destination, particularly if the speed is low or if you have got to urge over several hills.

The better models will provide you with a variety of twenty-five miles, which is quite enough for traditional traveling. What determines the vary is that the battery capability, and once selecting an electric battery for his or her electrical scooters, makers have an option to create.

If you set a giant battery on the scooter, it’ll go additional, however, the burden will increase significantly. this is often why a balance must be stricken.


The vary that the battery can give isn’t the sole necessary feature. What additionally matters is what quantity time it takes for the battery to recharge.

There are spectacular Best Electric Scooters for Commuting which will get you distant, perhaps twenty-five miles from home, however, they have to be recharged for twelve hours.

Some folks, however, can’t afford to let their electrical scooters recharge for thus a lot of time. they ought to be searching for those models that, though they may have a smaller battery, are totally charged in three or four hours.

Nonetheless, you wish to watch out with scooters that have an outsizes battery which charges quick. they’re extremely economical, however, because of being charged therefore quick, the cells within the battery area unit place to a lot of work and their life shortens faster.


Usually, the options that create the distinction between an inexpensive Best Electric Scooters for Commuting and a high-end one area unit those that create them movable.

an honest best electric scooter for commutation is one that may be folded and transported and keep while not requiring an excessive amount of work from your behalf.

There area unit some nice models that area unit durable enough to carry three hundred pounds and that the area unit is still light-weight. High-end scooters conjointly associate with some additional options that create a distinction.

Most of the days they’re fabricated from extremely sturdy nevertheless lighter materials, they need higher brakes and therefore the handgrips area unit applied science, providing a lot of safety.

If an electrical scooter doesn’t give you a snug ride, you won’t use it an excessive amount of. makers use completely different strategies to create you’re feeling comfortable. Some have a seat that attaches to the scooter which permits you to take a seat down whereas riding.

Others focus a lot on the suspensions and therefore the wheels so you don’t feel the bumps on the road. there’s conjointly one thing referred to as vary comfort, which is an associate indicator of what quantity time you pay on the scooter on your thanks to work. If you’re employed five miles aloof from home however your scooter solely will 7mph, it’ll take you tons of your time to induce there.

That is why having a scooter that may go quickly enough and provide enough vary may be a should. You don’t wish to pay associate hours between your home and work. what is more, throughout now you wish your body to remain in an exceedingly relaxed position, therefore having a scooter that may change its height is terrific?


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