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Best Penny Boards & Mini Cruiser Skateboards Guide in 2022

The best penny boards are not difficult to be mistaken for a skateboard. Nonetheless, contingent upon their size, style, and board, there are various types of skateboards. Two of them are penny boards and smaller than expected cruiser boards. Even though both are little however they are not indistinguishable. Skateboards have progressed significantly from being only a board on four wheels to distinct adapted boards intended for tricks and deception like ollies and flips.

To get the most appropriate item, you need to investigate each part of the item and realize it back to front. We will furnish you with a supportive guide about purchasing both cruiser boards and smaller-than-expected cruiser skateboards. You can even catch some marvelous limits on the off chance that you check The shopping extravaganza following Thanksgiving bargain for the best penny boards. Peruse on to discover the perfect result – you will not be disillusioned!


Best 3 Penny Boards in 2022


Top 10 Penny Boards & Mini Cruiser Skateboards




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Marketer 22 Inch Smaller than expected Cruiser Retro

The board has CE Certificate so it is alright for amateurs

Retrospec Jest Total Skateboard 

There’s such a huge amount to like about this smaller-than-usual cruiser. 

Cal 7 Complete 22 Inch Little Cruiser 

It’s a superb minimal little cruiser that arrives in an immense scope of shadings

PlayStation Complete 22 Inch Small scale Cruiser Skateboard 

We like this smaller-than-usual skateboard from Playshion since it’s ideal for getting in and out of town rapidly. 

DINBIN Complete Exceptionally Adaptable Plastic Cruiser Board 

 It’s hard not to like this crazy return from the seventies. 

SK8MEMO 17X5inch Skateboard Cruiser Novices 

We cherished that this is the ideal skateboard for a youngster who is simply beginning.

MoBoard Realistic Complete Skateboard Mosaic   

We like that it is intended to work for grown-ups and kids too.

Skatro Small scale Cruiser Skateboard  

The model of an exemplary penny board. Incredible perseverance, exemplary plan,

Maxwell 22 Inch Scaled-down Cruiser 

You’re certain to experience passionate feelings for the Xapwell 22 Inch Smaller than normal Cruiser Skateboard.

Retrospec Ten Toes   

You truly can’t turn out badly with this model.


1.Marketer 22 Inch Smaller than expected Cruiser Retro – Best By and large 

Skateboards Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Retro Skateboard

There is a great deal to like about the Meketec Skateboards Total 22 Inch Skateboard. For one, it is a decent novice board for the two children and teenagers at 22 inches. The deck width is 6 inches, so it has a ton of solidness worked in.


The polyurethane wheels will in general be those that make the board go quick just as give a smooth ride. Heavier teenagers should be cautious however as the board limit is 90.72 kgs or 200 pounds. That implies assuming your youngster is corpulent, you should get him/her a grown-up board.


There is a lot of shades of the Meketec Skateboards Total 22 Inch Skateboard to browse blue, green, light blue, orange, purple, dim, red, red fire, brilliant sky, and yellow. These boards are planned so kids get the look they need.




  • The board has CE Certificate so it is alright for amateurs


  • Good esteem in the cost for a board that is around $100


  • The base for the wheels is made with excellent aluminum


Why We Preferred It – as a rule, you need a board that is for amateurs to look fun. This one positively gets the job done while maintaining all security principles.

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2.Retrospec Jest Total Skateboard 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

In case you’re an aficionado of the cruiser boards that individuals utilized, thinking back to the 1970s, then, at that point, you’ll cherish this retro-styled small cruiser from Retrospec. It is produced using an infusion-formed plastic that is truly adaptable and malleable, permitting you more opportunity while you’re on the board.


It’s ideal for taking with you to class or work, as it just weighs 4lbs. You can pick between a 22-inch adaptation and a 27-inch form, and you’ll have the option to fit either size inside your knapsack when you’re not utilizing it. Mobility and control are simple on account of the 5-inch, high-grade trucks.




  • Portable size


  • Only weighs 4lbs


  • Retro looks


  • 5-inch trucks


  • Affordable cost


Why We Preferred It – There’s such a huge amount to like about this smaller-than-usual cruiser. It’s light. It fits inside your knapsack. What’s more, its 70s style looks cool as well.

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3.Cal 7 Complete 22 Inch Little Cruiser 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

This little cruiser board is just 22 crawls long. In any case, that makes it lightweight and extremely simple to move. It shows up completely amassed, so it’s all set right out of the case. You can look over an enormous scope of tones, permitting you to discover a shading plan that suits your character, regardless of whether that is pink haggles turquoise board, or straightforward haggles chalkboard.


The wheels are 60mm in size and they include an ABEC7 heading. Despite its little size, this smaller than expected cruiser offers top-quality execution which misrepresents the reasonable value that it is accessible for.




  • 22-inch length


  • Lots of shading plans


  • Lightweight


  • Great cost


  • ABEC7 Direction


Why We Loved It – It’s a superb minimal little cruiser that arrives in an immense scope of shadings, and it is accessible at a value that is difficult to accept.

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4.PlayStation Complete 22 Inch Small scale Cruiser Skateboard 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Smaller than normal skateboards are rolling out a significant improvement in the skating business. They’re opening up entryways for workers searching for simple transportation. The PlayStation Complete Smaller than expected Cruiser Skateboard is a strong decision for individuals who need a reduced board. It’s just 22-inches, simplifying it to store any place you go.


Probably the best component of this smaller-than-normal skateboard is that you can pick from plenty of shadings. These tones incorporate Green, Cover, Dark Carbon, and a wide range of different plans. With the greatest limit of 220 pounds, this board is ideal for the vast majority. It additionally incorporates a multi-device for your board.




  • All kinds of beautiful plans to glance through


  • 220-pound weight limit


  • Compact and lightweight


Why We Like It – We like this smaller-than-usual skateboard from Playshion since it’s ideal for getting in and out of town rapidly. The plans are for the most part novel too!

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5.DINBIN Complete Exceptionally Adaptable Plastic Cruiser Board 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

With regards to skateboards, the DINBIN is extraordinary for amateurs. This one is made of plastic and it is 22 inches in length and 6 inches wide. It has a waffle top which adds to configuration interest and makes it simpler to adjust on.


You should watch who you let utilize your skateboard since it can hold the greatest load of 220 pounds. The board is useful for all age ranges. The board first turned out in quite a while and now it is being delivered again for retro energy.


The wheels are made of urethane and everything is assembled with excellent screws. The highlights of the board with the dazzling green haggles or any of the other shading combos you pick make it an eye-getting present for a youngster.




  • Well evaluated board


  • Comes in the scope of tones including a light blue/pink blend


  • Caters to the adaptability of ages


Why We Loved It – It’s hard not to like this crazy return from the seventies. The system plans or any of the shadings you pick will be wonderful under the Christmas tree. This season, boarding is returning as individuals hope to get from A to B without the clog.

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6.SK8MEMO 17X5inch Skateboard Cruiser Novices 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

On the off chance that your youngster is prepared to begin cruising around on a skateboard and mastering some basic abilities, then, at that point, this is an incredible choice for them. It is little and reduced, assisting them with getting the vibe for how to utilize it, without all the issues and inconvenience of a major board. It likewise has the entirety of the well-being that you would need in a skateboard to help ensure they don’t fall and get too harmed all the while. Every one of the pleasant shadings and the extraordinary guarantee makes this a skateboard that your kid must have!




  • Small and lightweight for an amateur attempting to learn


  • Lots of fun tones to browse and soon there will be basic decals too


  • Smooth and versatile while protecting things


What we like about it – We cherished that this is the ideal skateboard for a youngster who is simply beginning. While it can’t rival a portion of the greater choices, it adds security for our kids to get the hang of skating without being threatened.

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7.MoBoard Realistic Complete Skateboard Mosaic 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

This is an incredible alternative on the off chance that you are on the lookout for another skateboard and need something vintage and loads of fun. This comes in 23 unique styles that are ideal for grown-ups and kids who need to do some skating for no particular reason. There is a 7 wheel-orientation with this board and it is intended to work with a weight cutoff of up to 220 lbs. This makes it ideal for those youthful and old to have loads of fun. You can even utilize the compatible wheelsets to add to the fun also.




  • The sharp turns and little surface region makes it simpler to get around as you need


  • Lots of extraordinary decisions in plans to meet your requirements


  • Can hold up to 220 lbs


What we like about it – We like that it is intended to work for grown-ups and kids too. All the vintage styles help make it simpler for us to discover one for everybody in the family while having loads of fun.

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8.Skatro Small scale Cruiser Skateboard

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

This skateboard is similar to a customary 22 inches penny skateboard. Nonetheless, it has the Skatro flex innovation which guarantees that the plastic in the deck is ideal and adaptable. They utilize an uncommon machine to compute the plastic that goes into the creation of the boards so therefore, the deck is substantially more predictable than an ordinary skateboard’s deck. The smooth wheels add to the perfection of the ride the skateboard offers.


Besides, the course utilized in this skateboard is more grounded than ordinary steel direction in different skateboards. Skatro smaller than normal skateboard cruiser complete is solid and offers great benefit for cash.




  • Great Cost


  • Comes with coordinating with T-device


  • 22 inches long deck


Why We Loved It – The model of an exemplary penny board. Incredible perseverance, exemplary plan, and extraordinary cost are things that make this model novel!

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9.Maxwell 22 Inch Scaled-down Cruiser 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

On the off chance that you are a cruiser skateboard fan that individuals utilized during the 70s, then, at that point you’re certain to cherish this retro-planned little board from Capwell. This board has a top-notch new PP deck that is both very solid and malleable, giving you the best riding experience ever.


You’ll see it to be a dependable cruiser skateboard to bring with you to work or school, as it weighs just 3.3 pounds. You have 4 hip retro styles to browse; B-Green, Blue Brilliant Sky, C-White, and D-Vivid. In addition, at 22 inches, you can store it in your knapsack when not being used.




  • Only weighs 4.4lbs


  • Supports as much as 220 pounds


  • Suitable for novice and expert skaters


  • Great Low Cost


Why We Preferred It – You’re certain to experience passionate feelings for the Xapwell 22 Inch Smaller than normal Cruiser Skateboard, particularly its bright blazing Drove light. Giving you that unique riding experience and insurance both simultaneously.

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10.Retrospec Ten Toes 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

The Retrospec Ten Toes Joke Total Skateboard has a plan that will sell you on it immediately. The white clear board with the orange wheels simply stands apart on the rack, no inquiry. It is designed according to a 70s plan. This implies that the board is made with profoundly adaptable plastic.


The board is light to convey and weighs under four pounds. It will even fit well in a rucksack. You will get it online in a completely collected unit, which can be a help to individuals that don’t prefer to assemble things. The specific measurements are 22.5 by 6 inches.


The polyurethane wheels are adaptable and they make for a smooth ride. They likewise ensure that you can skim around as quickly as you need to.




  • Attractive look that makes it stand apart from the pack


  • Wheels are of acceptable quality and make it simple to get around


  • You can convey it in a knapsack on the off chance that you need it on account of its shape and weight


Why We Loved It – You truly can’t turn out badly with this model. It has the weight that makes it truly useable in a wonderful stylish bundle.

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11.Penny Skateboards Whirl 27″ 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

With regards to plastic skateboards, this one by Penny Skateboards is now gathered and prepared to travel. It’s built of Australian aluminum and is 27 inches in length and 7.5 inches wide. This board likewise has signature polyurethane Penny ABEC direction for a smoother ride.


You’ll be careful about who you loan your skateboard to, for it has a maximum weight limit of 198 pounds. This specific board is reasonable for all ages and has been around since 2010, yet still keeps cool retro energy.


The 59 millimeter 83A polyurethane wheels has high elastic bolts holding them set up. The shading plan of this board in blend with its highlights makes the ideal present for youngsters.




  • Includes 4″ A-grade 356 cast aluminum powder-covered trucks


  • Low evaluated skateboard


  • Has a novel retro plan


  • Caters to a wide assortment of ages


Why We Like It – It is minimal in size, lightweight, and fits in the most measured knapsacks. The green, yellow, and tan hues of this board would look extraordinary underneath your Christmas tree.


This season, skating is back intensely as an ever-increasing number of individuals need to keep away from blocked streets.

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12.order 22 Inch Small Cruiser 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

Perhaps the most preferred skateboards for fledglings available is no other than the Ohederii 22-Inch Small scale Cruiser. It comes in two shading alternatives: blue and red. It is an extraordinary skateboard for grown-ups, youth, and even youngsters. No gathering is required. It is prepared to furnish you with a wonderful encounter when you remove it from the crate!


It is made out of top-notch materials to endure forever. It can withstand as much as 220 pounds. You can depend on it to give you steadiness and solace each time you set out to utilize it. Stylishly, it is an eye-getting model that doesn’t disappoint.




  • Reasonably valued


  • High-quality design


  • Non-slip and durable deck


  • Soft 85 PU wheels


Why We Like It – This skateboard is the ideal size to go making the rounds, and it gives solace in each perspective, which makes it an unquestionable requirement have.

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13.Waveline Skate 22 inch Cruiser 

Best Penny Boards and Mini Cruiser Skateboards

This is all you require on a skateboard. It is not difficult to take around, little and lightweight, however, can deal with being utilized each day if you so decide. The highest point of the board has been intended to give the entirety of the room and the equilibrium that you need and the grasping surface is extraordinarily formed to help ensure your feet stay firm on the board without dropping out. The 2.5-inch wheels are probably the greatest alternatives out there too, assisting you with getting out and appreciate the sun regardless of what season.




  • High-quality wheels that will last


  • Easy to take in a hurry with you, while as yet being adequately extreme to utilize every day


  • The formed grasp helps your feet stay on, regardless of how quick you may go


Why we like it – We like the retro style that accompanies this skateboard. It is easy to utilize and keep in mind that light enough to haul around, it has sufficient great parts that you can utilize it however much you might want every day without destroying it. It is unquestionably worth the cash as we would like to think.

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What is a Penny Board? 

what is the best penny bords

Penny board is a sort of skateboard produced using plastic or maple. It was made in Australia and regularly comes in two sizes 22 inches and 27 inches. There is a third size to estimating a day and a half regularly called the longboard penny. There are endless shadings and styles in these skateboards and their wheels are 59 mm in width. What makes them extraordinary is their compactness: they are light weighted and in this way really simple to convey anyplace. These are ideal for youngsters and teens, novice and experienced skateboarders the same.

Various Sizes of Penny Boards 

The 22 inches length modest penny board guarantees a smooth, zippy, and quick ride that can get you starting with one spot then onto the next in a jiffy. This one, specifically, is exceptionally light weighted and can without much of a stretch be fitted into a rucksack. As a result of their more modest size, they are better for youngsters albeit even experienced skateboarders use penny boards 22 inches in length. On the off chance that you are simply hoping to move it around and don’t do numerous tricks, then, at that point, this penny board will make an ideal skateboard for you.


The more extended 27 inches in length penny board normally alluded to as the Nickel is heavier than its 22 inches sibling yet light weighted. It can give you a ride like a longboard. Nonetheless, it is significantly more versatile than a longboard. The lone thing other than size that recognizes 27″ penny board from 22″ modest penny board is that that it is more steady. This is useful for late young people as it gives them more control and can be ridden for a significant distance with no block. It is useful for learning stunts as it gives a touch more board under your feet.


Both these penny boards are comparative with regards to quality particularly when the brand is something very similar. 22 inches skateboard is suggested for youngsters under 10 and early teens as it is comparable with their tallness and weight. It ought to be noticed that it isn’t reasonable for grown-ups particularly those weighing more than 175 pounds because the board may get harmed as far as possible.


The longboard which estimates 3 feet (36 inches) is the longest penny board and can fairly qualify as a conventional longboard however it is as yet lighter. It gives sufficient length and backing to the accomplished rider with a little goal for doing stunts. It is reasonable for late teens just concerning kids or even early youngsters it very well may be too huge.

Brands and Evaluating of Penny Boards 

Penny Australia is the most mainstream-brand for penny boards. Their penny boards are adjustable as well so you can change the trucks, wheels, and board stickers. They are entirely strong on account of their quality plastic and powder-covered aluminum trucks. Edge is another acceptable brand for penny boards and it is less expensive than Penny Australia Exemplary. You can likewise track down a decent and reasonable penny with Sun Boards and Eight-cycle. Penny boards are moderate and you can track down a nice one for under $100.


Presently let us examine the small scale cruiser skateboards: 

What is a Little Cruiser Skateboard? 

 best penny board

Cruiser skateboards are made only for riding and moving around and are not deliberately worked for stunts. They come in various sizes. The little plastic boards are named small cruiser skateboards. They have more modest wheels around 55-56 mm in width. Like penny boards, smaller than usual cruiser skateboards are lightweight and simple to heft around when not under your feet. They are incredible for riding as they can go a significant distance continuously and the delicate wheels can stand unforgiving surfaces without any problem.


Smaller than normal Cruiser Skateboard is Useful for Fledglings and Experienced Skateboarders The same


Skateboards are not only for doing stunts any longer as numerous children use skateboards to go to class or rec center. Why? There is no problem of discovering leaving for your bicycle or vehicle. It is so lightweight and little, you can even place it in your storage. The extraordinary thing about smaller than normal cruisers is that they are useful for anybody. They are adequately long and stable for long rides. For fledglings, a straightforward constructed small scale cruiser is more ideal though for those searching for a touch something other than basic rides a cruiser complete with a smidgen more edge (better trucks, wheels, and more grounded board) is more appropriate.

Smaller than usual cruiser skateboards versus Longboards 

Little cruisers are more modest in size when contrasted with longboards. Any board over a day and a half can be considered a longboard. Smaller than normal cruisers have delicate supposed cruiser wheels while longboards have hard wheels. Since voyage skateboards are made for upgrading the ride insight, they are not incredible for harsh and forceful deceives ordinarily a piece of the longboarding styles like downhill and freeriding. They are worked to be solid and large enough for doing stunts.


Longboards are heavier and consequently less advantageous to heft around as contrasted and little cruisers. The wheel size changes between the two too where longboards’ wheels are 70 mm or more in breadth. Concerning which one is better for whom, longboards are not suggested for amateurs who have never ridden a skateboard. For considerably less than experienced riders, a small-scale cruiser complete is a much reasonable option since they can ride it without requiring preparing and learn essential deceives also. A longboard is a beautiful nonexclusive term as these boards shift in size as well as by the riding style. Their trucks are higher and can turn extremely sharp.


Smaller than normal cruisers change extraordinarily about cost. You can discover one under $50 effectively while, on the opposite finish of the range, some may cost much more than $100. Nightfall and Locale are well-known brands for scaled-down cruiser skateboards and somewhat pricier than other brand contributions.

Penny Board or Smaller than expected Cruiser Skateboard

 Since you understand what every one of them has to bring to the table, you may be wondering which one is better? There is no unmistakable response to that. The two of them are more modest than a longboard and enhanced for riding more than for performing stunts. Scaled-down cruisers shift in the estimate and have more modest wheels as contrasted and penny boards that come in three sizes with a slight bit greater wheels. It can descend to your image inclination and financial plan for both these sorts of skateboards. For youngsters, the 22 inches length penny and small cruisers are ideal while teens can ride both penny and little cruisers that are greater than a 22inch board.


As far as styles and tones, both of these skateboards have an excessive number of contributions. You can even tweak the boards and pick any graphical examples, surfaces, or just solids. Both of these skateboards offer a smooth ride so if that is your definitive reason, you should simply figure out which size you need.





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