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Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 – Review & Guide

Tasting the essence of the breeze surely gives you a different feel. And no car can give you as pleasure as much simpler pro scooters can. They might look simple yet but they have a lot of fun in it to grant you. So, do you think is an adventure enthusiast, it is okay to not have this great transport? Definitely not okay. So, to give you a breeze of freedom, I have listed up the Ten Best Pro Scooters that are providing all the fun for all styles of riders. And since they have made it to the list of the best, you can expect them to satisfy you in different ways.

So let’s reveal the list and review why they are the best.

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Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide
VOKUL Pro Stunt              Scooter

Lightweight deck.
Suitable for kids from 7 to 14 -year-old.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter 

Flexible brake
Construction is solid
The deck is lightweight.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

District C050 Pro Scooter

The scooter comes in tightened up perfectly
The dialed in is easy
Effortless to assemble and rise.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooters

Available in 5 different colors
The deck is lightweight
Construction is sturdy and well built.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter

Comes in three different colors
The unit weighs lightweight
It is foldable so great for storage and transport.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

Envy Scooters COLT S4 Complete Scooter

Comes in six different color variations
Gives a faster ride
Great for whips.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Reasonable for its price
Comes in a lot of color variation
The deck is light and durable.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter

Perfect for beginners
Comes in six different color styles
Heavy duty construction.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

Pulse Performance Products KR2 Freestyle Scooter

Flexible brake
Construction is solid
The deck is lightweight
Easy to control and ride.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters In 2021 - Review & Guide

Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter

Perfect ride for intermediate and advanced riders
It is well-built and sturdy
Perfect speed rating for the pro riders.

Top 10 Best Pro Scooters Reviewed!

Here is a shortlist of Top 10 best  Pro Scooters’ names that we have reviewed in this article. In case, you don’t have enough time to reading full deep research then we strongly recommend you just click on the product name and that will bring you directly on Amazon on the product page.

1. VOKUL S2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter

Best Pro Scooters

When the spirits feel low and the day goes bad, the only that can cheer you up is your little scooter. And if you lack that spur, you will need to take this S2 Best Scooters for Tricks into account. Coming all the way from VOKUL, the pro scooter is called to be the Best Stunt Scooter having the attributes that the pro scooters should have. If you think you fall into the range of kids from 7 to 14-year-old, it is going to be great stuff to have.

However, with reinforced heat-treated forged plates, the deck of this scooter has been made from aluminum. So, you will feel it be very lightweight. Also, If you are looking for something like cheap then the best cheap stunt scooter is Vokul S2 which is really affordable with its specifications.

Moreover, the bar comes in the batwing style that has used Chromoly with a triple bolt so that it can guarantee security and balance. But the bolts may come out loose over time. However, the scooter comes with easy assembly nature as you will be needing only 3 bolts to tighten, and then you can start your wheeling. But the only disappointment is that albeit the deck feels light yet the whole unit is going to be a tad heavier than other competitors.

Besides, many users have faced packaging issues but later that problem got resolved by the manufacturer as well.

Anyways, there are more that you should know about this scooter. If you at the beginner stage but adult and looking for a Stunt Scooter then this would be the best stunt scooter for beginners to start the journey!

VOKUL S2 Tricks Pro Stunt Scooter


  • Lightweight deck.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Suitable for kids from 7 to 14 -year-old.
  • It comes in three different styles.
  • Durable and Solid construction.

  • Might be heavier than other models.
  • Bolts might come loose overuse.
  • The wobble in the steering knuckle might annoy you.
  • Packaging issues caused many disappointments.


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2. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter Complete

Best Pro Scooters

When life tries to get on you, it’s the best to rather get over it with the pro scooter. This is how you can have the zeal of ride once you get a ride. And if you think you badly need that, then you can go for this Best Pro Scooter Brands called Fuzion. This Z300 scooter is one of the Best  Pro Scooters you can have if you are a beginner or someone on the intermediate level.

The brand has designed it in such that it is able to cope with several obstacles that the street is filled with just like their other models, the brand has also put this model to the test by professional riders and they have pretty much-given thumbs up for its attributes. However, talking about the deck, Fuzion has built it with Aluminum materials and so you will find it lightweight.

Besides, it comes with an IHC Compression system with bearings of the sealed headset so you can have the most stable ride with it. Moreover, the bar has used chromyl that comes with 150mm that is oversized Hex grips. Besides, it features alloy staggered triple clamp with two 6mm bolts so you can tighten them to have your fun ride. Additionally, it also consists of metallic for that will weigh light, fast ABEC 9 bearings and Fuzion blend T-bars. As for the wheels, they come in PU and cast aluminum core measuring 110 mm. And lastly, the brake is quite flexible to control.

Note: Fuzion already comes with their update Z-series with little changes like, colors, design, materiel etc.

Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter


  • Flexible brake.
  • Construction is solid.
  • The deck is lightweight.
  • Easy to control and ride.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It comes in different variations.
  • Perfect for Beginner and Intermediate rider.
  • The Neck tube is strong.

  • A little bit expensive.
  • The wheels might not be durable.


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3. District C050 Pro Scooter

Best Pro Scooters

Why would you go to a car sport when there is a better option that is able to grant you the best experience! And it’s the pro scooters. There are a lot of pro scooters that you will find in the market but there is one model that is getting all the highlights. And that model is C050 from the brand District. If you are someone who is yet a beginner or an intermediate rider, then no scooter will be as perfect as this one would be for you.

Speaking of the deck, it has used European Certified Aluminum with a C-series profile. The front has been found welded and sealed while the neck appears to be square. However, at 81 degrees, the pro scooter consists of a fully intergraded head tube. You can get to choose anyone from their four different colors so yes there are options to pick.

As for the compression, the manufacturer has upgraded the system to Mini HIC so that it becomes easy for you in assembling the scooter. Moreover, the C050 features an aluminum fork and district double clamp that just enhances the attribute of the scooter. Besides, the bars seemed to be standard sized and they have used aluminum as their material to build. For added strength, the bars have been designed with Internal Hexagon Profile that becomes easy for the riders to ride the tool.

Not only that, but the brand has also provided 135 mm TPR Grips for the convenience of the riders. And as for the wheels, they come to 110 mm with the spiked metalcore with bearings of 608ZZ.

However, there are many users that have found bubbles on the skidpad so it is recommended to check the product before using it.

District C050 Pro Scooter


  • The scooter comes in tightened up perfectly.
  • The dialed-in is easy.
  • Effortless to assemble and rise.
  • Wheels are smooth and can handle any terrain.
  • Perfect for beginners and intermediates.

  • Users have complained it to have bubbles on the skidpad.
  • Might not be very durable.


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4. Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter

Best Pro Scooters

Your friend should be someone who will try to bring the best out of you and Fuzion pro X5 scooter happens to do so. This mate comes with all the features that you basically will find in high-end models. However, just like other models, Fuzion has given the same features to the model so you can expect it to be a great thing to have. However, you will need only 3 bolts to tighten  X5 and then you are good to go.

Besides, the model comes with the Aluminum deck that feels super lightweight for the material. There are 100mm five spiked aluminum core wheels that have used the same materials which the brand has used for the X3 model: and that is Cast PU.

However, people have still complained regarding the wheels to come out loose. So, you need to be careful while riding the scooter. As for the bars, the scooter owns reinforced V-shaped bars that are made up of High Tensile Steel. Additionally, to smoothen your riding experience, the brand has included an IHC compression system with the bearings sealed so you can have the best sporting experience.

Besides, X5 comes with a thread-less dialed headset that is simply a bonus point for all the riders out there. However, if you think you lack a great scooter that is keeping you away to taste the best moment, this is a great product that you can have for yourself.

Would you like to check Which one Best Pro Scooter for Adults? We cover that too!

Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter


  • Available in 5 different colors.
  • The deck is lightweight.
  • Construction is sturdy and well built.
  • Great for trying out different tricks.
  • Thread-less dialed headset.
  • Easy to assemble and ride.
  • Wheels are smooth to roll.

  • Brake might not work properly.
  • Wheels keep on coming out loose overuse.


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5. Razor A5 Lux Scooter

Best Pro Scooters

Life is like pushing yourself with the scooter. The more you force yourself, the furthered you can move. But if are yet to have a scooter for yourself, then this is the time to get one of the Best Pro Scooter in the world in your bag. And if you are looking for options, then this A5 Lux from Razor can solve your quest. The best thing about this pro scooter is that it is being loved by most of the riders. The reason could be their durability, efficiency, performance or anything.

Coming with the kick-stand element, the anodized finish model is able to be kept upright when not in use. Besides, the deck and T-tube bar has been made of the same material which is Aluminum. And as for the wheels, they are made up of urethane measuring 200mm that seems to be enough large and great for taller enthusiasts.

Not only have that, but the unit also featured adjustable hand bars that are great for its flexibility. To add more, the A5 comes with patented rear fender brake but it is not going to work well above the drenched terrain. However, the great part is that you can fold the unit to move with it easily from one spot to another. But there is a slight issue that comes with it. And that is its tight folding system. Many riders have encountered trouble while pulling the pin to fold the scooter.

But that is manageable. However, since you won’t be needing assembly; the pro scooter is going to be very friendly to feel the chi of the road. So, if you want to have the best, you can take any one of the three colors they come in.

So what you think about this awesome pro scooter!

Do you need more deep research then you are welcome to our complete Razor A5 Lux Scooter Reviews!

Razor A5 Lux Scooter


  • It comes in three different colors.
  • The unit weighs lightweight.
  • It is foldable so great for storage and transport.
  • It comes with kick-stand.
  • Great for taller riders for its large wheels.
  • Solid construction and stable.
  • You won’t need to assemble the unit.
  • Hand bars are adjustable.

  • Rear brake does not work in the wet terrain.
  • The pin feels hard to pull for folding the scooter.
  • The handlebar might come out loose over time.


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6. Envy One Complete Scooter

Best Pro Scooters

Pro scooter should be something that must draw the attention of riders with its charming attributes and it’s not wrong to make the world jealous of the one that you will have. And this is a kind of scooter that might make others envy having it. Talking about ‘One complete scooter’ from envy that has made it to the list of one of the pro scooters. If you are someone who has just entered the world of scooting, then this would be a great mate for you.

The brand has designed this to be a two-piece bar and you will find it passably stronger than many other bars since it has got a thick bolt that holds it strongly together. Besides, it comes with a running IHC system that you can call the compression system as well.

And this is stated to be one of the most well-liked compression systems that the brand has tried to offer. Moreover, as for its performance, well, you will find the deck to spin super-fast and amazing for whips. You can try out all the adventurous and fun tricks with this piece. Not only that, it also feels lightweight so it won’t be a hassle to carry it here and there.

You already know about this most popular Envy scooter.

But, if you think The Envy One needs to be more clear and full complete review. Then you may also read our Envy One Scooter Review!

Note: It’s time to move on Update series. And The Envy already got this with little changes like, colors, design, materiel etc.

Envy One Complete Scooter


  • It comes in six different color variations.
  • Gives a faster ride.
  • Great for whips.
  • Grips of handle-bars are amazing.
  • Easy to ride.
  • Construction is solid and long-lasting.
  • Easy to assemble.

  • The screws at the wheels might come out loose and it might start rattling.
  • You have to put the stickers of the logo yourself and it might get peeled off over time.


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7. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter

Best Pro Scooters

You don’t ride above the 2-wheeled guy just to fly around the road but to feel, right? And if you think your old mate does not have that fervor anymore then you might wish to have a look at this X3 one of the Best Pro Scooters from Fuzion. Sine the brand boasts it to be a top-selling product on Amazon, so you can call it one of the great pro scooters in the market. To speak of its features, X3 seems to have equipped with upgraded traits that you basically find in high-end models.

But as it is more on the cheaper side, it would be beneficial to grab this guy. However, to jump into more depth, its deck is found to be sturdy for utilizing Aircraft-grade aluminum as its material.

Thus, you are going to find it to be very light. In addition, the V-bars are made up of Tensile steel whereas, with the brand’s metalized ABS composite cores, the wheels have used 100mm cast PU material. Although the Nylon-Steel custom brake appeared to be long-lasting but it tends to rattle that might end up annoying you. Designed for the greenhorns, it is possible to go into the next level with this.

But the headset is threaded; it might be fine for the beginners yet won’t be great for the whip. Besides, it is going to be easy to set up the whole scooter if you just grab 3 bolts to tighten.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter


  • Reasonable for its price.
  • It comes in a lot of color variation.
  • The deck is light and durable.
  • The V-bars look solid.
  • Great for greenhorns.

  • The headset might not be good for whips.
  • Brake makes noise.
  • Wheels might not be durable.


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8. Lucky  Crew Pro Scooters

Best Pro Scooters

Pro scooter is able to make your life journey more twisting that you would just love to have. And if you wish to have it so, you can think of getting this great vehicle for yourself. Coming from Lucky pro, this is a kind of freestyle Pro Scooter that opens the option to try any style of tricks and skills you want with it. Moving to the detail, the pro scooter comes with versatility in nature so it is friendly enough to handle any kind of roads.

Moreover, the manufacturer has engineered this with detail-oriented precisions featuring a reinforced aluminum deck. Speaking of its tires, they come in 110 mm but might not be durable. However, they still feel smooth enough to give you a smooth ride. Moreover, it also comes with the double clamp and steely brake, vice grips.

As for the fork, it comes in Hardened Steel Tig Welded that just feels lightweight. Besides, you will find the head tube to be of 82.5 degrees and the headset to be fully incorporated. However, many users have felt it to be quite heavy and wished it to come with a better headset. Besides, many of them wished it to have an M6 bolt for the compressor. Otherwise, they are happy with their solid construction.

Lucky  Crew Pro Scooters


  • Perfect for beginners.
  • It comes in six different color styles.
  • Heavy-duty construction.
  • The deck is lightweight.
  • The wheel size is perfect.

  • Users found it heavier than many models.
  • The bars could feel shorter.
  • The headset might feel cheap.
  • Lacks M6 bolt for the compressor.


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9. Pulse Performance KR2 Freestyle Scooter

Best Pro Scooters

Any 2-wheeled guy can never be your bad friend! And as for the pro scooter, you can say the same. If you wish your mate to be an absolute freestyle scooter, then this is one of the best cheap pro scooters to grab.

Pulse Performance Products have been a great brand to provide their great items and KR2 is one of them. With its oversized handlebars, this pro scooter feels just right to the Best Pro Scooters for Beginners.

Moreover, with its 100 mm wheels made up of core urethane, they feel high-impact yet some felt it to lack durability. However, the scooter comes with ABEC-5 bearing that yet again is great for greenhorns for a simply smooth ride.

Speaking more of the features, the KR2 seems to have fast power of stopping for its in-built flat spring-steel rear brake. As for the handlebars, they are very sturdy but might be short for some riders. The whole construction feels sturdy as the deck has been made with reinforced heat-treated aluminum that has added stability and robustness to the unit. Albeit it is not for the older kids, but if you have a younger kid, this can be a must-have scooter.

KR2 Freestyle Pro Scooter


  • Flexible brake.
  • Construction is solid.
  • The deck is lightweight.
  • Easy to control and ride.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • It comes in different variations.
  • Perfect for Beginner and Intermediate rider.
  • The Neck tube is strong.

  • Wheels might not be long-lasting.
  • Not for older kids.
  • Might wobble over time.
  • The handle-bars might feel short.


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10. Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter

Best Pro Scooters

If you ask your pro scooter if it is ready or ratty to take a ride, and if you think it hints on the later one, then the time has come to get a new one. And Phoenix Pro Scooter can be a cool tool to replace it with the one sitting at your home. Weighing just nine pounds, the scooter can be the best friend of riders who are at the intermediate or advanced level. The deck with a dimension of 4.5inch wide by 19.5 inches long, it would be able to balance well for stomping tail whips.

However, the scooter comes with a mini HIC compressing system and there is a “Burner” fork that seems to be reinforced with Hi-Tensile Steel. If you wish its headset to be fully incorporated with the brand’s Top Cap, then yes you can. Because the manufacturer has offered all the qualities that all the pro scooters must-have.

However, with 31.8 mm, the scooter comes with a double clamp that you can expect it to be standard smooth. As for the bars, they come in T-shape and made up of Hi-Tensile Steel. Most importantly, the wheels, that come in 110 mm and Durometer ratings of 88A with bearings of ABEC 9. Looking at the rating and speed of the scooter, you can guess why it is going to be perfect for pro riders. Furthermore, for easy tricks and stunt activity, these best cheap trick scooters can do it too with you.

Phoenix Pilot Pro Scooter


  • The perfect ride for intermediate and advanced riders.
  • It is well-built and sturdy.
  • Perfect speed rating for the pro riders.
  • Wheels are able to handle any obstacle.
  • Can give you a freestyle stunt/trick ride.
  • Fully equipped.
  • Comes in seven different colors.
  • Effortless to assemble.

  • The brake might get loosening and the rattling might annoy you.
  • Instruction does not come with the product.
  • The handle-bars might be short for some users.


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Your Pro Scooter Buying Guide!

Pro Scooter

Now, you already know about the above all product. If you think that was not enough for going to buying it then there are more important criteria for choosing great pro scooters or finding the best place to buy pro scooters.

Let’s find out!

Typical Types:

Out of many styles that the pro scooters have, two of them have been found to be very popular:

#Complete and #Custom.

#Complete: You are going to get several manufacturers around this planet that build complete scooters with fine quality parts. In this case, you will be needing to do just nothing but securing the bars to fork and clamp.

#Custom: As for the custom scooters, they come with a wider degree of customization as you pick which part would be going in and how your vehicle would look like after you put them up together. So it lets you enjoy to the scooter more in a way that will suit your style and requirements.

However, the option between a custom and the complete is stated to be rather than personal. If you want something that would come out already out of the box and will be convenient to grab, then you can opt for complete scooters.

And as for their price, you will get both the types in different range so the price is not a matter for getting either of the types.

Pick Pivoting On The Riding Type:

It’s the type of ride that will actually determine the strength and stability of your scooting ride.

If you are a beginner who is into trying out different tricks and skills be it on the parks or driveways, you can opt for any scooter type you want.

But if you are someone professional or experienced who performs several tricks that includes jumping as well, and tends to use the scooter more in an aggressive way, then you will need a strong scooter that will have a firmer grip. And that is certainly a must-have.

However, the rule of thumbs is, the bigger the wheels, the nicer it is going to be for pro riders.

Brands Penchant:

You will get countless brands out there that are delivering their best products when it comes to pro scooters. While many of them manufacture high-end complete rides which seem to be stronger than other types, there are many of them that manufacture custom scooters.

However, while looking for a pro scooter, it is normal if you have a strong preference for any particular brand. If you are one the riders looking for custom scooters, the brand will not matter since you will be focusing on the basic parts of the scooters to custom your vehicle and those parts happen to be of different brands.

Moreover, if you still want some suggestions on the brands. Why not check this Top Pro Scooter Brands in Era.s

Size Selection:

Many of the riders fall into trouble when they think that going for a bigger scooter would be perfect for them. Big scooters are great to have.

However, it shouldn’t be bigger than you. If you are a teenager, a scooter with 100 mm wheels with a short bar would be a perfect combo to grab. But if you find yourself bigger or taller, then a scooter with a diameter of 125 mm wheels with a taller handlebar would be the most appropriate.

And this could be one of the reasons why many of you wish to go for the custom ride since it lets you have a well-balanced ride according to your experience, height, and weight.

However, it is essential to know that heavy decks and big over-sized bars can be a reason of affecting your riding performance and scooter if you cannot handle them easily. So, you must check which size would suit you before you get yourself one.

scooter wheel size chart

[ Note: User doesn’t need to follow the exact measuring at the picture says’s but anyone can generate the best idea from this chart!]


Price is one of the most important factors because no matter what you try to get online involves money. There are many high-end complete scooters that are pricey but then again there are many that come with great quality traits that you will find in high-end models but at a reasonable rate.

So, even if you have a limited budget, you can still get one of the Best Pro Scooters in the world with fine quality and traits and that will give you no disappointment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: What are the brands to consider for getting a great pro scooter?

Answer: Different brands are great for the different qualities that they provide on their scooter. However, some of the most popular brands that have earned the rider’s love and trust are Envy, Fuzion, District, Phoenix, Lucky pro, etc.

Question: Which one would be suitable to buy? Custom or complete?

Answer: Complete scooters are great for almost all the riders if they are the teenager. But if you are one of the people that are taller and are bigger, then it is better to go for a custom scooter since it will allow you to customize the parts according to your requirements.

Question: Where are the best places to ride?

Answer: The answer is, anywhere! Whether you want, but it is not that mean you annoying/disturbing others by playing on your scooter. For freestyle, aggressive, stunt or tricks riding experiences the best place to visit your local skate park. There is also something not to do in skatepark too.

In the conclusion line, It is definitely not easy to choose a perfect ride for yourself, even after you go through the ‘factors to consider’ section. It’s because all the scooters come with both pros and cons and I think you must select the one that you think will suit you. Once you feel that the pros of the product you selected outweigh the cons, then it gets rather easier for you to get yourself one. And I hope the list that I have reviewed has been able to help you get one so that you can have the best and the most enjoyable ride to save it in your treasure.

In addition, If our Scooter Study team are miss something important in this Best Pro Scooter Reviews article that you know! But we are not covering then don’t be disoriented to ask or give us suggestion. Your suggestion is our best appreciation.

Moreover, if you have any query about this pro scooter reviews then feel free to drop your comments below.


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