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Top 9 Best Scooter Wheels Reviews 2022

Are you ready!

Whether you own a brand new scooter that you want to upgrade with a new set of wheels or need some new wheels for a scooter that you have been riding for a long time, it is vital to choose a product that is not only safe but also delivers excellent performance.

People who do not know much about wheels don’t realize that even small differences in the wheels’ various features can make a huge difference when it comes to riding performance.

Although choosing a scooter wheel may seem like an easy decision as there is no complicated mechanism involved, several essential considerations should be taken into account. But not to worry, as this article will help you find the best wheels for your scooter.

Keep steady and be patient. Here we have an awesome trend-able top nine best scooter wheels that might be a great choice for you.

If you feel indecision in you then don’t be panic see our scooter wheel collection this can divert you to make a perfect decision.



TOP 3 Scoote Wheel  IN 2022


Scooter Wheels Comparison




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 aibiku Pro Stunt         Scooter Wheel

Fit for Fuzion / Envy / Vokul / Swagtron / Lucky / Razor / MGP pro scooter and all scooters with 100mm wheels.

Razor Scooter Replacement Wheels

Comes in packs of 2 kick scooter wheels
98 mm high-grade urethane wheels w/ bearings.

aibiku 110mm Pro Stunt Scooter Wheels 

Fit for Fuzion / Envy / MGP / Lucky TFOX / Vokul pro scooter and all scooters with 110mm wheels.

Limit 110mm Single 1 Pro Scooter Wheel

 Two stylish color combinations
Fits the average scooter (100mm)
 Includes ABEC 11 bearings.

L.E.D. Scooter Wheels

Abec 9 bearings offer the highest amount of precision, speed, and durability in scooter replacement bearings.


Brand: Root Industries
Size: 120mm
Core: Ultralight hollow core
Bearing: ABEC 11 bearings pre-installed

Envy Scooters 120mm Hollow Core Wheels

You already know about Envy Brand. Don’t you! As a one of best scooter manufacture and design with both of freestyle stunt and pro scooters.

Z-FIRST 2Pcs 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels

Bearings: ABEC 9, Internal Buckle Material:Aluminum
Fit for MGP/Razor/Lucky pro scooters.

TGM Skateboards 2 Scooter Wheels

High-performance, high-rebound scooter wheels which fit on most scooters and measure 100mm in diameter

110mm Hollow Scooter Wheels

The 110 hollow scooter wheels fit all pro scooters with 110mm wheels .


Best scooter wheels product review

In above our top 3 selection?
Let’s see a few words about them! Is this really good or not.

Be aware! Don’t make a decision so quickly or don’t choose your scooter wheels by attracting their color or graphics. Try to deep research and choose what actually worked for your scooter. And give you a perfect fit in scooter riding.

What you think! We are reviewing the best scooter wheels in a typical type that goes 1-10 or 10-1?

Hey, just stop! find your perfects one in our random wheels collection. Here you may find soft scooter wheels, Rocks or hard scooter wheels, pro scooter wheels even not only those you may find electric scooter wheels also.

So, what you choose! thin or fat scooter wheels. The decision is yours now.

1. 100mm Scooter Wheels

Are you trying to replace your current scooter wheels? The aibiku Pro Stunt Scooter Wheels are 100mm to fit the average scooter build. They also come with ABEC 11 bearings for top-notch smoothness that won’t get caught up anytime soon. The two available colors are Black and White, both of which have a rainbow interior color.

These high-quality, lightweight scooter wheels are as easy as it gets to install. Pop them in place and you can be back on the road or at the park in seconds. They’re made to take a beating, so don’t hold back!

+ Two stylish color combinations
+ Fits the average scooter (100mm)
+ Includes ABEC 11 bearings

Why We Like It – We like these pro scooter wheels because they look like, the bearings are fantastic, and they work with almost any scooter around. It’s also convenient that they can be put on in a few seconds.

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2. Kutrick Scooter Wheels 

This one ticks all the boxes of being an excellent scooter wheel at a reasonable price. It features an aluminum core and a high-quality ABEC-9 bearing which spins much making you enjoy each bit of the turn. Its only difference with the GRAVITI wheel is that its heart features a 12 spoke design making it stronger and more reliable.

Unlike our top choice, which is only for Razor scooters, this one fits Fuzion, Razor, Swagtron, Envy, Vokul, etc. It also comes in two packages but doesn’t offer many choices by color.

It’s designed for 100mm sizes and weighs 14.4 ounces. Though it’s more massive than the models we’ve reviewed so far, you’ll still enjoy a comfortable ride.

This one is also popular on Amazon, having received 4.4 stars from 33 reviews at the time of the research. It costs a little under $30. Though we’ll be happier if it came with a warranty.

Our Verdict

This is a great model to choose from considering it’s unique 12 spoke design, making it more robust for advanced users. It has many positive reviews, so we believe its worthy of the price.

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3. Kutrick Scooter Wheels 


Best Scooter Wheels

The Aibiku co. gives lots of option for 100mm 12-spokes pro/stunt/freestyle scooter rider. They have made some nicest and coolest Scooter wheels. They have a 98% positive selling record with 80 ratings (when we made this reviews 2021). In this Aibiku 100mm, 12-spokes Pro Stunt Scooter Wheel has strong high-rebound 88A PU with high precision ABEC-9 Bearings that give durable lasting.

Full Specificationg

Brand:      Aibiku
Size:         Diameter 100mm(3.9inch)
Width:      24mm(0.94inch)
Weight:     0.44lbs(200g)/ 1*wheel
Core:         CNC’d Alloy
PU:            High-Rebound 88A
Bearing:   Fast ABEC-9 Bearing
Color:       3 different colors.
Package:   2 wheels.

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2.110mm Hollow Scooter Wheels

Best Scooter Wheels

You already know about Razor! In addition, the Razor Co. launches their original scooter in the year 2021 and get the bigger hand from customers. They sold 5 million scooters in only 6 months in the starting period. This Razor scooter wheels set with 98mm high-grade urethane can adjust with the Razor Kick Scooters: A, A2 A4, Spark, Spark-2 probably most of Razor Scooter which has previous 100mm wheels.

Full Specification

Brand:      Razor
Size:          98 mm (8 x 4.8 x 1 inches)
Weight:    7.8 ounces
Bearing:   High-Grade Urethane Bearings.
Colors:     6 different cool colors.
Package:  2 wheels.

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4. Z-FIRST 2Pcs 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels

Best Scooter Wheels

Talking about 100mm Complete Stunt Best Pro Scooter Wheels from Kutric Extreme In. is amazing with 88a PU and durable Fast ABEC-9 Bearings. This has already assembled bearing + Spacer complete wheels that can save your time or fix assembling issues. These wheels are capable Of Pulse Performance KR2, Vokul S1, and S2, Fuzion X-3, Royal Guard II and all other scooters which have 100mm wheels.

Full Specification

        • Brand: Kubrick
        • Size: 100mm
        • Core: Aluminum
        • PU: 88a Urethane
        • Bearing: ABEC-9
        • Shipping Weight: 15.7 ounces
        • Color: 6 deferent cool color
        • Package: 2 wheels.

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5.ROOT INDUSTRIES Honeycore Wheels 

Shen Zhen LMT Sports Co, Ltd is professionally made pro stunt scooter and some of the scooter accessories including scooter wheels under the brand “LIMIT”. The ‘limit’ co. selling their products with good quality and reasonable price. Please ensure your scooter has 110mm wheels if it is then this scooter wheels would be your perfect choice. Common Price, 88A SHR PU CNC Alloy core with ABEC-9 Bearing and faster speed which is great for riding experience.

Full Specification

        • Brand: Limit
        • Size: 110mm (4.3inch) Diameter
        • Core: CNC Alloy
        • PU: High-elastic 88a Urethane Pu
        • Bearing: ABEC-9 Bearing
        • Weight: 0.55 lbs(0.25kg per wheel)
        • Color: 3 different cool colors.
        • Package: 1 wheel

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6. Z-FIRST 2Pcs 110mm Pro Scooter Wheels

The brand name Bigfoot gives great visualization by light up their scooter wheels. In this wheel, you can get 3 super bright LED lights that shine for over 10,000 hours with 100mm Wheels and Fast Abec 9 Bearings which gives you more fresh air by its speed.

Full Specification

        • Brand: Bigfoot
        • Size: 100mm (diameter size 24mm width)
        • Bearing: ABEC-9 Bearing
        • Led: 3 Bright LED (No battery needed)
        • Shipping Weight: 11.2 ounces
        • Color: 3 different colors.
        • Package: 2 wheels.

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7. FREEDARE Scooter Wheels 

The Brand name ‘Root Industries’ didn’t make us so disappointed as their product name Root air wheels. Yeah, that’s right! It’s really lightweight as they are saying in the title and moreover, it’s good at the fastest speed with a durable lifetime.

Full Specification

        • Brand: Root Industries
        • Size: 120mm
        • Core: Ultralight hollow core
        • Bearing: ABEC 11 bearings pre-installed
        • Weight: Ultralight 200grams (230grams with bearings)
        • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5 inches ; 1.7 pounds
        • With 15 different cool colors and designs.
        • Package: 2 wheels.

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8. Z-FIRST 2pcs Replacement 100mm Pro Scooter Wheels

Hey, You already know about Envy Brand. Don’t you! As one of the best scooter manufacture and design with both freestyle stunt and pro scooters. Moreover, they have also scooter parts including wheels. Envy Scooters Hollow Core Wheels 120mm is also one of the best lightest weight, durable lasting and super speedy scooter wheel.

Full Specification

        • Brand: Envy
        • Size: 120mm
        • Core and Design: Hollow Core Design
        • PU: 86A Urethane
        • Bearing: ABEC 11 Bearings Pre-installed
        • Product Dimensions: 5 x 4.9 x 2 inches ; 1.35 pounds
        • Shipping Weight: 4.00 pounds
        • Color: 3 different cool colors.
        • Package: 2 wheels.

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9.Kutrick 100mm Scooter Wheels

Best Scooter Wheels

In the current market complete pro scooter, freestyle stunt or adult kick scooter product manufacturing and designing with the reasonable pricing they are the leading position as a brand name is Fuzion. Not only scooter production they have made other scooter accessories too like scooter wheels.


In this Fuzion Pro Scooter Wheels, they have included ABEC 9 bearings and 88A PU. There has another great option for different scooter size riders because the brand Fuzion gives 3 different sizes 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm with the same quality.

                                Full Specification

        • Brand: Fuzion
        • Size: 100mm/110mm/120mm
        • Core: 6061 T6 Aluminum
        • PU: 88A
        • Design: 6 Spoke Design
        • Bearing: ABEC 9 Fuzion Bearings Included
        • Color: 3-6 different colors (Depends on wheel size)
        • Package: 1 wheel.

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10.FREEDARE Scooter Wheels 

As far as we know the Brand TGM founded in 2021 to still always rock with their skateboards product but they have lots of other products too including scooters wheels. Let’s see! What’s the specialty in this 100mm Scooter Wheels with Abec 7 bearings.

Full Specification

        • Brand: TGM Skateboards
        • Size: 100mm
        • PU: 88A Durometer
        • Bearing: Abec 7 bearings installed.
        • Weight: estimate 250 pound
        • Shipping Weight: Shipping Weight: 13 ounces
        • With 5 different cool colors.
        • Package: 2pcs

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Buying Guide Scooter Wheels! Check This Before Going to Buy.

Which Wheels size gives you perfect Riding experience- (100mm – 125mm)

Let’s find out! What is the importance of perfect wheel sizing in scooter riding at pro scooter level to advanced adults scooter.

How to Measure Scooter Wheels?

”Does really matter Scooter Wheel Sizes!”

The answer is, yes but there are more things you need to calculate. The smaller size (100mm, 110mm) of wheels gives you less speed with less comfort in current trends riding. But it can be always good for the entry-level of pro scooter riders. If you need top speed with more fresh air then definitely go with 120mm or 125mm. Larger the wheels size (120mm, 125mm) always give you more comfortable with high speed than smaller size of wheels.

Did You get some point on the scooter size chart by height? Look deep!

scooter wheel size chart

Scooter Wheel Size Chart

Where are you riding?
Park or street!

Basically, it depends on you where you ride on with which size of wheels using. But if you are at a beginner level or primarily ride on the street then you don’t need 125mm. 110mm is enough but if you choose 120mm is not bad thinking!

If you are regularly going to skate park or most of the time playing your scooter in the parking area with participated beginner stunt competition then go for 120mm or above. Our reviewed experience says it’s the must for an intermediate or higher level.

Are you know! The new law legalizes electronic scooters on the Sidewalk.

What Exactly You Should Know Before Buying Best Scooter Wheels!

Every scooter wheel needs 1x spacer to function and 2x bearings. Wheels always made in different materials, dimensions, different cores, and profiles.


  1. Solid core (Massive core for maximum durability)
  2. Spooked core (Core with holes makes a lightweight wheel but it is weaker. You know it!)
  3. Hollow-core (It’s really lightweight, durable, more speedy but not strong as solid core)
  4. Plastic cores do not last long. (It’s a simple math!)


  1. Flat profile (A flat profile that gives strength to the rubber and maximum grip)
  2. Narrow profile (A narrow profile gives you more speed than flat profiles)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: How do I know which scooter wheel will perfect on my Scooter?

Answer: First check your previous scooter wheel size and dimension. If it is matched with the latest one then you should go for buying it.

Question: Which one perfect for the beginner or very experienced scooter rider?

Answer: At the entry-level, you should try scooter wheels 100mm or 110mm. That’s enough. And if you are really highly experienced then you don’t need our answer. Cause you already about it. That’s right! But if you really want to know to form ours then you must go for 120mm or 125mm (125mm is preferable).


At the end of the article, saying that we are tried our best to disclose the hidden treasure about Best Scooter Wheels.

Anyways, If you realize our shares knowledge is friendly for you then it’s our real pleasures. Thanks

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