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Best Trick Scooters in 2022- Reviews and Guide

When you are flipping through scooters in the market, don’t you get confused when you are trying to pick only the best trick scooters! It’s certainly a tough job because there are so many trick scooters with outstanding quality from renowned brands.

It’s easy to get mesmerized by the color, features, versatility that we often get overwhelmed and dwindle over which scooter to buy. Thus, for you to make the intelligent decision here I am going to review 10 best trick scooters for the stunt. Not only that, but I am also addressing some important information about identifying a trick scooter, it’s key features and risk factors that will help you evaluate any trick scooter before purchasing.

The reason I am mentioning all of this valuable information so that you can also evaluate the review and make the right decision by yourself. Because in the review, I am going to highlight the remarkable features, strengths, and drawbacks of each scooter.

Also, the key features will facilitate you in evaluating the review and make up your mind whether or not you should rely on the given information. However, before you do so, first of all, you need to be able to identify the trick scooter like a pro!



TOP 3 Best Trick Scooters IN 2022


Best Trick Scooters Comparison




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VOKUL Pro Scooter - Freestyle Scooter

Cool neo design
Lightweight and handy easy to assemble and use
Assures noise-free Brakes

VOKUL Pro Scooters – Stunt Scooter

Stylish professional design Lightweight and easily portable
Durable aluminum deck and handlebar

ROOT INDUSTRIES Invictus Complete Scooter 

Comes with smooth headset Easy to assemble and disassemble Available in versatile color and design

Fuzion Z250 Pro Scooters

Strong and ergonomic handle
Unisex design for boys and girls
Assure smooth and freestyle stunts

Arcade Pro Scooters - Stunt Scooter 

Budget-friendly price Strong but lightweight Colorful and funky design
Can withstand weight up to 220 lbs

MIAWHEELS XT-120 Stunt Scooter

Colorful scooter with a playful design Features extra large deck for a smooth ride 580mm front bar for strength and ensure balance

Fuzion Z300 Pro               Scooter

Sleek design Easy to assemble Strong and durable Features wide deck with responsive nylon brake

Playshion Freestyle Pro Scooter

Easy to assemble and maintain Reliable and comfortable scooter
Can withstand weight up to 250 lbs.

Longway Sector Pro Kick Trick Stunt Scooter

Strong and lightweight
Sleek and professional design
Made of strong aluminum deck and wheels

Mongoose Rise Stunt Kick Scooter

Smooth and comfortable
Lightweight and colorful Strong alloy wheels And durable ABEC 7 bearings

What is the difference between a trick scooter and a normal scooter?

Though all scooters look the same, there is a slight difference between a normal scooter and a trick scooter. Well, the trick scooter is specially designed for freestyle stunts. Basically, you should use a stunt scooter in skate parks or open areas.

By design, it looks like a BMX bike. They are made of strong material to withstand pressure and stress. Usually, it comes with a T-style handlebar in one piece. This is the most important feature because only this style makes it an extra-strong scooter to deal with kicks, tricks, and jumps. But, how do you identify a trick scooter at a glance?

Any trick scooters are not foldable. So, whenever you see a folding scooter, it’s not a trick scooter. Besides, the wheels of the trick scooter are made of metal that is less likely to break or rust. Ideally, they are strong but needs to be lightweight so that you can perform stunts comfortably.

So, these are the highlighting identifying features to differentiate between a normal scooter and a trick scooter.

10 Best Trick Scooters Reviews

Before I begin to review the 10 best scooters, let me tell you that each of the items is well researched and deeply analyzed. The information is purely authentic and given from a neutral perspective. So, we can assure you that you can have complete trust in this review and make up your mind which scooters to purchase.

1. VOKUL Pro, Tricks, Stunt Scooter

Vokul scooters come with cool design and versatile scooters. If you look at this freestyle scooter, the neo color immediately catches your attention. Besides, it’s a scooter designed for kids to teenagers. Hence, the color and design make an admiring combination that kids would surely love to flaunt their scooters when they opt for stunts and ride.

Though it’s a scooter for beginners, it still ensures high performance and durability. The metal wheels not only have the ability to withstand stress but also ensure a smooth and noise-free ride. Even the deck is made of aluminum and features high rebound PU wheels and one-piece fork.

So, your kids can try whatever tricks they like from barspin, double backflip to tailwhip, you can expect the scooter to be supportive of your loving kids. These remarkable features and qualities make this scooter as one of the best stunt scooters for 8 years old.

What I liked:

  • Cool neo design.
  • Lightweight and handy.
  • Easy to assemble and use.
  • Assures noise-free Brakes.
  • Aluminum handlebars with rubber grip.
  • Features solid 110mm Alloy Neochrome Wheels.


What we did not like:

  • The headset needs frequent.


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 2.VOKUL Dyno Pro Scooter


Here is another Vokul scooter for stunts. It’s also a unisex scooter that kids, teenagers, boys, and girls can purchase to ride. And the scooter is available in two colors. If you are fond of black, you can get the scooter in full black. But, the little touch of the hollow core along with the black brings elegance and style in this simple-looking scooter.

Similar to any Vokul scooters, this trick scooter is made of 120mm alloy core wheels and strong T-6061 Aluminum Deck. these two main features assure that the scooter is a strong one and can withstand stunts and tricks. Also, you can enjoy noise-free brake when you are prompting for stunts like a pro.

Also, to help you grow like a professional stunters, the scooter comes with high rebound PU wheels and one-piece fork. And, the ABEC 9 bearing will help you smooth and quiet glide and ride. If you are looking for a top-quality trick scooter with a unisex design, then you should consider this scooter before purchasing.

What I liked:

  • Stylish professional design.
  • Lightweight and easily portable.
  • Durable aluminum deck and handlebar.
  • Features handlebars with thick soft rubber grip.


What we did not like:

  • Some users face trouble with the handlebar and headset. 


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 3.Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Kick Scooter

Many users are satisfied with this Invictus scooter from ROOT industries for their teenage children. In fact, the qualities and the versatile design make it one of the best stunt scooters for 12-year-old. But, the best aspect of this scooter is, users from any age can enjoy stunts or rides with this scooter.

Because the built quality and pro scooter deck and wheel make it a strong scooter to withstand weight, stress, stunts, and tricks. Besides, it’s fast and smooth that will encourage you to ride whenever you get the chance. The most amazing fact of this scooter is each of the parts is made of high-quality material yet it’s very lightweight.

Hence, you can enjoy an easy trick and having control over the scooter while trying the stunts. Also, you can assemble and disassemble it without any professional knowledge. So, whether you are on the road or skateparks, you can enjoy your ride or practice your stunt whenever you feel like.

What I liked:

  • Comes with smooth headset.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Available in versatile color and design.
  • Features air wheel and fast ABEC 11 bearings.
  • Strong and lightweight Hi-Modulus alloy aluminum handlebar with soft grip.


What we did not like:

  • Expensive price.


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4.Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter

Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter

Are you looking for the best stunt scooters for 9-year-olds? Really this is the growing phase for the children to become teenagers, so you may want to give them a bike they can use for a long time. Considering this factor in mind, here I recommend you to check Fuzion Z250 Pro scooters for your growing children.

It’s a good quality scooter to try stunts for beginners and intermediate scooter riders. The most fascinating aspect of this scooter is it’s made of high-quality materials in every part. Starting from an aluminum deck, alloy core wheels and responsive nylon brake make this scooter a strong and smooth one.

Besides, the one-piece chisel fork with PU wheels will give you the freedom to try any tricks and stunts without having to worry about damage or accidents. Enjoy smooth and quiet glide with Invictus pro scooter if you wanna be a professional scooter stunters in the future.

What I liked:

  • Strong and ergonomic handle.
  • Unisex design for boys and girls.
  • Assure smooth and freestyle stunts.
  • Comes with tough T-6061 Aluminum Deck.
  • Strong scooter for intermediate and beginner stunt scooters.
  • Features solid 110mm Alloy Core Wheels with Quiet and Responsive Nylon Brakes.


What we did not like:

  • Some users recommend it’s suitable only for beginner scooter riders.


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 5.Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Kick Scooter– Trick Scooter


Looking for a little advanced scooter than the boring normal scooters for your little one? Then, check out one of the best stunt scooters for 6 years old. As this age group of children doesn’t opt for crazy stunts and tricks, you can get them this cool stunt scooter to ride freestyle.

The most attractive aspect of this scooter is the cool design, eye-catching color and style design that your kid will be happy to see it immediately. Also, this stylish pro scooters budget-friendly price. As kids grow quickly and you don’t want to spend money on a scooter that they won’t be able to use in a few years, you can get this Arcade scooter for them to learn and get used to.

Besides, the scooter is BMX style, so it does come with high-quality materials such as a solid deck, customized neck, strong stamped fork with smooth bearing and comfortable grip. You also can choose from the available colors that your kids love.

What I liked:

  • Budget-friendly price.
  • Strong but lightweight.
  • Colorful and funky design.
  • Can withstand weight up to 220 lbs.
  • Features smooth wheels with responsive brakes.


What we did not like:

  • Bolts tend to get loose frequently.


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 6. Mongoose Rise Youth and Adult Freestyle Kick Scooter Trick Scooter

Kids love scooters. Let me introduce to you a scooter with a mesmerizing design that your kids won’t be able to take their eyes off. In fact, this stunt scooter from Mia Wheels can be your ideal choice for their awaited birthday present.

Though it’s suitable for kids, the scooter comes with an extra-large desk so that children can comfortably stand and ride. The overall construction of the scooter is of Neochrome. However, to add strength and balance, a 580mm front bar features in this scooter.

Additionally, they can also enjoy more speed with the 120 mm wheels. Besides, the aluminum deck and steel bar with TPR grip let your children stay safe and secure during the ride. Considering the overall features, it’s fair to say that this Miawheels stunt scooter is one of the best stunt scooters for 7-year old that mothers love for their little ones.

What I liked:

  • Colorful scooter with a playful design.
  • Features extra large deck for a smooth ride.
  • 580mm front bar for strength and ensure balance.
  • Used Neo chrome for deck, wheel, clamp, and fork.


What we did not like:

  • Expensive scooter.
  • Does not spin well.



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7. Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter

Envy Scooters PRODIGY S8 Complete Scooter

Stunt scooters are another name for adventure and thrill. Hence, kids and teenagers love to ride on it during their past time. If you are looking for a perfect trick scooter for an adult kid, then you can trust on Fuzion scooters. And you can find the best stunt scooter for 10-year-old from their wide collection

Just like any other top-quality scooter, this stunt scooter is also a freestyle and a durable one. You can choose it for both boys and girls for the unisex design. No matter how tough tricks or stunts you want to try, you can practice any tricks with this scooter without worrying about damage.

Because the scooter is made of 110mm of alloy core wheels and responsive nylon brake. Also, the wide deck and comfortable handlebar give you a satisfactory ride. Overall, it’s a good scooter to have a try for teenagers.

What I liked:

  • Sleek design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Features wide deck with responsive nylon brake.
  • Made of solid 110mm Alloy Core Wheels wrapped in PU.

What we did not like:

  • A little overpriced.
  • Does not grind smoothly.



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 8. Playshion Freestyle Pro Scooter Stunt Scooters for Beginner

Your kids need to learn riding scooters before they try out stunts and tricks. Hence, here I suggest you the best stunt scooter for 11 years old which you can consider purchasing for your kids to practice freestyle stunts. If you want them to grow as a professional stunters, then this could be their first step.

The wide deck with a tall handlebar makes it an ideal scooter to try trickster. As your kids are in the learning phase, then need safety. Hence, the scooter comes with top quality materials to withstand weight, stunts, and tricks. The PU wheels with ABEC 9 bearings not only ensure smooth ride but also add strength to the vehicle.

Not only that, when you purchase the scooter, you will get a complete set for assembling and maintenance so that you don’t need to invest more money for one scooter. You will get a three-piece handlebar with Allen wrench to easily assembling and securing the scooter whenever and wherever you want.

What I liked:

  • Easy to assemble and maintain.
  • Reliable and comfortable scooter.
  • Can withstand weight up to 250 lbs.
  • Strong, lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • Strong and durable with 100mm PU Wheels combined with ABEC-9 Bearings.


What we did not like:

  • Lacks detail instructions to assemble.
  • Some users complain about missing pieces.



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 9. Grit Fluxx Pro Scoote-Trick Stunt Scooter


Here is another professional quality stunt scooter for teenagers. What sets it apart from others is the quality and advancement in features. This scooter is from the leading brand Longway. It’s time to check out its remarkable aspects, strengths, and drawbacks.

The scooter is made of aluminum and the design is simply mind-blowing. In fact, the deck is made of aluminum which makes it a strong yet lightweight scooter. Also, the aluminum wheels ensure a smooth and fast ride.

To enjoy the ride comfortably, the scooter comes with BMX style handlebars with rebounded PU grips. So, no matter however tricks and stunts you want to try, you can rely on this scooter and dream to be a stunter.

What I liked:

  • Strong and lightweight.
  • Sleek and professional design.
  • Made of strong aluminum deck and wheels.
  • Features BMX style handlebar with PU grips.
  • Comes with Pro double strong aluminum head clamp and fender brake.

What we did not like:

  • Some users find the handlebars too long.



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10. VIRO Rides VR 230 Attitude Stunt Scooter 

My final scooter is from Mongoose. If you are looking for a colorful scooter so that your kids can stand out in the park, then you must check out the wide range of colors and outstanding design of this kick scooter. Besides the color and design, the scooter will also amaze you by its features.

To begin with, the bike is a lightweight one. So, your kids won’t have trouble carrying it. Then, the deck is made of alloy and the handlebar is strongly welded to the deck. It means you don’t have to worry about quality and safety.

Also, for added comfort and safety, the deck comes with an extended deck and steel brake. And, to give you a smooth and comfortable ride, the durable 7 bearing is there for you. So, overall to enjoy a prostyle performance and have a durable scooter in your collection, you can definitely consider purchasing this Mongoose Rise stunt kick scooter.

What I liked:

  • Smooth and comfortable.
  • Lightweight and colorful.
  • Strong alloy wheels And durable ABEC 7 bearings.
  • Heavy-duty frame with welded steel T Bar handlebar.
  • Comes with high impact wheels and ABEC 7 non-slip bearing.


What we did not like:

  • Small size.
  • Suitable for children only.



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What Are the Must-have Features to Consider While Buying the Best Trick Scooter

No matter what your budget is or how cool the scooter looks! You need to pay attention to the key features in every trick scooter to be able to evaluate the quality and pick a suitable one for you. So, whenever you plan to purchase the best stunt scooter for adults or the cheapest trick scooter for teenagers or children, keep in mind the below-mentioned features will work as a guide for you to make the wisest decision.

1. Size

Size matters! Because scooters are available for kids to adults. Hence, you can find a wide variety of sizes for different heights of people. So, when you are purchasing a scooter think about the height of the person and make sure the scooter is large enough to accommodate.

Also, the scooter should be able to withstand the weight. For children, you can start off with a budget-friendly one and once they are trained up you can purchase them an expensive and bigger one to use when they are grown up.

2. Material

The material will ensure the durability and performance of the scooter. Usually strong scooters are made of aluminum which makes the device lightweight and durable. The higher-grade the metal is, the more durable the scooter is. So, consider the material used in the scooter.

3. Weight

A scooter must be lightweight if you want it to perform smoothly during stunts and tricks. Otherwise, you won’t be able to perform stunts with a heavy scooter.

4. Wheels

Pay attention to the design of the wheels and tires. Because while you are trying stunts and tricks the wheels need to be able to withstand the stress and pressure. Hence, it needs to be smooth and high quality.

What Might Happen If You Don’t Consider the Key Features

See, you are going to purchase a scooter for a specific purpose. If you don’t consider the above-mentioned features, there is a high chance of investing your money on a weak and inflexible one. Because a trick scooter may look like a regular scooter, however, the quality of each part and versatility will ensure it’s performance.

Hence, it’s extremely important to be able to differentiate between a normal and trick scooter. Then, considering your purpose and types of stunts and tricks you are going to practice during purchase. Otherwise, you may purchase a branded scooter that may not necessarily have the efficiency to withstand the pressure.

Then, you may cause an accident or your scooter can face severe damage. You definitely don’t want to reinvest your money on another scooter, isn’t it? So, to perform your stunt smoothly and be a professional stunt, you need to pay attention to the key features while purchasing a trick scooter.

Final Verdict

I have come to the end of the Top 10 best trick scooters review. I hope you have enjoyed reading the article.

Enjoy your ride with the most desirable trick scooter you have always dreamt about. If you would like to know about the best pro scooter review, click here

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