Using 7 Easy Scooter Tricks For Beginners 2020

Using 7 Easy Scooter Tricks for Beginners 2020

Human nature is to deem about the benefit of acquiring the wisdom of something before starting learning about that one. But something has got exception like scooting. Now, we are going to share few easy scooter tricks for beginners riders below.

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How You Can (Do) EASY SCOOTER TRICKS Almost Instantly:

Easy Scooter Tricks

It’s a genuine source of thrill & enjoyment. But it costs a lot of patience, practice & perfection to operate. Scooting is a very effective job of engaging both of the mind & body together which one may improve the overall working efficiency of anybody.

But on the other contrary it has got severe damaging side also if it’s not being operated properly. While someone is confident enough & efficient enough to operate this one only then he should operate this one on busy road.

It’s known by us that taking precautions or maintaining the safety first costs the minimum successful investment to avoid any accident at any job. Wearing proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can save us from various types of unknown injury.

Before we are going to deeper discussions about Beginner Scooter Tricks, let’s try to know some safeties task. And every rider should follow this before starting their scooting tricks.

Basic Tips- How to Ride a Scooter Safely:

There is no way to take scooting as a very light & childish job. We must be very serious before operating this one. Whatever we are going to beginner scooter tricks, intermediate scooter tricks or very hard scooter tricks it is must to ensuring the self-safeties first.

We must use proper types & sized of good quality helmet which one is made of required type of material to absorb any types of heavy shock.

How to Ride a Scooter Safely

Whilst using helmets which one has got face shield & ear shield also. At initial learning stage better using leather types hand gloves to avoid direct contact or friction with anything in-case of any accident.

Whilst scooting on pipe or something like that better using jockstrap. Jockstrap is required for saving the male genital part. Knee pads can save us from permanent injury of our knees.

Better to use sports shoe or sneakers during the preliminary learning stage. Whilst learning scooting better to wear leather types of clothes so that our skin does get damaged by friction directly.

So, Let’s find out few most popular easy scooter tricks for beginners to advanced.

1. Hop/ Bunny Hop Scooter Tricks:

Bunny Hop Scooter Tricks

Before starting scooting we must be familiarized about the basic tricks of scooting. We should know that how to fly in air with the two hives whilst these are not being touched by the ground or surface. It’s carried-out while two hives are just departed from surface.

This trick must be practiced in a free area. Hold the handlebar strongly to trait the scooter up & at the same time incline the marrow bones & lift off the surface including the scooter. While resting on the surface or ground makes sure that the deck is parallel to the ground.

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2. Easy Scooter Fakie Tricks:

This Fakie Scooter Tricks a very useful. While moving forward or afterward we can change the direction of moving by just by turning the deck. Just after turning the deck better keeps the leg nearby the handlebar which one provides better controlling effect over it.

Using 7 Easy Scooter Tricks for Beginners 2020

Then we must push it towards the moving direction. Any of the two legs might be used for this purpose. Practicing might be carried-out by rotating this Fakie Scooter Tricks.

Let’s Watch a Video about Fakie Tricks on a Pro Scooter! “

3. How to Manual On a Scooter:

Using 7 Easy Scooter Tricks for Beginners 2020

It is performed by lifting up the forward hive & run it just by keeping the foot on the afterward deck. Your leg should be as much afterward as possible.

Just after performing this trick better lift the whole scooter up for getting it on the ground for performing normal movement.

4. Nose Pivot Scooter Tricks:

It is a very good trick to change the direction during running 180 degree or more just by lifting the hive of forward or afterward one. On that moment there must be a very good grip on the handlebar.

Using 7 Easy Scooter Tricks for Beginners 2020

To do this start moving mildly, lift up the frontier part and then turn. After turning lift up the afterward hive, revolve towards the required direction & move again normally.

What About the Visual/ Video Review. Let’s Watch! “

5. Having Both Feet Off Of The Scooter Deck:

Using 7 Easy Scooter Tricks for Beginners 2020

Whilst having decent air gap from the ground, lift off the feet’s. It has got two types, one of the types is lifting together with the deck & another one type is without lifting the deck. To lift up yourself without the deck must be able to keep a very good balance & must have a lot of strength on the muscles of arms.

6. Turning The Handle Bar (Bar Spin)

Revolving the handlebar is called bar spin. It has to be done whilst the scooter is on air. Must be used only one hand to turn the handlebar and to maintain control. Another hand should be free from the handlebar. While the hives would be on the ground on that time we can touch

Using 7 Easy Scooter Tricks for Beginners 2020

the handlebar strictly to maintain the direction. Depending on the efficiency one person can turn the handlebar for some times. Turning amount depends on the flying time on air also.

7. How to Tailwhip On A Scooter the Easy Way:

Tail Whip Scooter Tricks

How to tailwhip on a scooter the easy way: It depends on the legs position on the deck. While having left hand side leg on the front side of the deck then you can turn clockwise.

And if your right hand side leg is on the front side of the deck then you can turn anti-clockwise. For carrying-out this movement you have to synchronize three steps.

These are bunny hop, foot motion & arm motion. Efficiency in performing tail whip depends on these three steps. Bunny hop should be done from a decent height to avail sufficient time to revolve the deck. You can use any of your foot to keep on the deck. Most people use front foot. On that case you can have other leg to catch the deck.

To perform this one at first you can keep your one foot on the deck & just kick it around whilst holding the handlebar by hand. Arm motion must be practiced by turning the scooter as much as possible whilst keeping it as close as possible to you. Revolving time only wrist & forearms should be used, shoulder or whole body should not be used.

If you have Question How to Do Scooter Tricks on Flat Ground? (Tailwhip Scooter Tricks)

Follow this  Claudius Vertesi Video Review you will find each & every questions answer in step by step.


Here above easy scooter tricks for beginners has been explained. It is recommended not to make too hurry to learn the tricks of those one. Remember not to be absent minded in the moment of applying of any types of ticks of scooting. Try to practice all of the tricks in a safe place & with lower speed. Before becoming fully familiarized or confident enough to run this one better not to do it on busy roads.

It Is always advisable that try to understand the devastating condition of an accident before being bound by the accident to face it.

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