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How to Build a Scooter Ramp Guide 2022?

How admirable it is to amuse the entire world with your abilities and stunts! The same goes for kick scooters. You should be a very climate cordial individual, on the off chance that you love kick scooters over any means of transportation. Kick scooter ramp gives you the chance to investigate your talents with kick scooters. Various brands are available in stores yet if you will build a kick scooter ramp, we can certainly assist you in this regard. It is easy to make one and saves your expense too.


You can build a kick scooter ramp any size you want yet here we have shown a particular size of the ramp. In this way, the means and rules that you need to continue to build a kick scooter ramp:

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Stage 1: Grab the stuff required

The initial step requires deciding and obtaining materials expected to build a kick scooter ramp. These are


  • 2 bits of 4×8 ¾ inch compressed wood


  • Box of one 5/8 inch screws


  • Five 8 foot 2×4 boards


  • Tape measure


  • Pencil


  • Circular saw


  • Drill with head boring apparatus


  • 3/16 inch boring tool


  • 3/8 inch boring tool


  • One piece of ¼ inch plastic

You can discover all of these tools in nearby hardware stores or metal shops. Thus, gather all of these tools first and then follow the underneath stages individually.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

Stage 2: Cutting pieces

Presently start with the compressed wood pieces. Slice the pieces to make triangular sides for the ramp. The right angles ought to have short sides of 1’6″ and 5’6″. You have to slice 2 of these triangles to make it the opposite side of the ramp.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

Stage 3: Cutting helps pieces

The help pieces should be cut then, at that point. Cut 10 2x4s boards into help pieces and make sure to cut them 3 feet in length and 10.5 inches wide.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

Stage 4: Making the bottom base

As the sides and backing pieces are done, structure the bottom base of the ramp. Cut them and attach the two triangles. Allow the two triangles to stand such that their long, flat side is flushed to the ground. The 2x4s boards ought to be attached to the back and front of the bottom. You can attach them with the assistance of a drill and 1 ½ inch screws.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

Stage 5: Fixing ramp support

To make ramp support, drill the 2×4 boards vertically along the ramp. In this case, you have to start boring from the bottom till the top and keep them near the top edge of the ramp as much as you can.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

Stage 6: Framing the top

The following stage is to structure the top. For this adjust the compressed wood top and take it from the remainder of the unused ones. Keep the pressed wood on the top of the design flat and on the other hand attaches it utilizing a drill and screws. The screws should be longer this time.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

Stage 7: Placing cover

This is the last advance where you have to attach the plastic to cover your ramp. Take your drill machine and make three 3/16″ drills on the bottom of the ramp. Presently, put the piece of plastic on the bottom as well where it will meet the floor. Take your screwdriver digit now and drill more limited screws through the plastic and 3/16″ drills you just made.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

Stage 8: Attaching steel bottom

Place a 4 ft x 10 inches piece of steel at the bottom. To do this utilization two ¾ inches screws, drill two openings on one or the other side of the piece with 3/16 inches bore, and subset the openings with that boring tool. This will hold the steel bottom safely.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

As the above advances are done, you can grab your scooter and carry on intriguing individuals with your breathtaking moves. A steel bottom can be added by boring two openings on any side of the steel and attach it by sub setting the openings.

How to Build a Scooter Ramp

You may face trouble reaching the higher space however continues to practice to advance your abilities. Remember to stay safe while riding. Take your parent’s and companion’s assistance to build a kick scooter ramp.

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