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How To Ride A Bird Scooter Easily in 2022

Eager to know how to ride a Bird scooter? If so, then you are at the right place perfectly at the right time. 

Bird scooters are one of the convenient, fast, and environmentally friendly vehicles to move from one place to another. Whenever you have less time in hand to walk, you can make your pace faster than running using a bird scooter. Now, this scooter has been so popular that you can actually find diversity and versatility in terms of design, functionality, size, and many more. 

So, if your mind is thriving with questions about bird scooters, especially wow to drive a bird scooter, then stay tuned. Because in this article, I am not only going to tell you how to ride this scooter but also share some crucial information that you must know before riding a bird scooter. 

What is a Bird Scooter?

First thing’s first! Before I tell you how to ride a Bird scooter, it’s important to have a profound idea of what it actually is. 

Actually, bird scooter is a scooter sharing and renting a place where you can rent a scooter for a certain time and pay for it. Many people don’t own scooters or less interested in purchasing; instead, they want to rent whenever they need it. 

Considering the need, the former executive of Tuber and Left, Travis Vanderbilt has started his scooter renting company Bird in 2017. Here, using a mobile app, users can rent and park the scooter anywhere they want in Santa Monica, California. 

How does bird scooter work? 

Riding a Bird scooter is very easy. Anybody can ride a bird scooter. What you need to learn first is how this app actually works. This process is easy too. 

  • To rent a scooter in Bird, you need to download the app. 
  • Fill out the basic information to create your account and billing method
  • Then, check out your location on the map and check the availability of the scooter. 
  • When you find one, unlock the bird icon to get the scooter and go for the ride. 
  • You don’t need to pay the charges in cash. 
  • The app will automatically charge from your bank account or from your chosen payment method. 

How to Ride a Bird Scooter?

Now that you have downloaded the bird scooter on your smartphone, you are just one step away from riding the scooter — time to learn the riding process step by step. 

Step one – find a bird in the map and tap on it to unlock and choose one for you.

Step two – wear a helmet, comfortable shoes and anti-slip finger gloves. 

Step three– put your one foot on the bird, grab the handle, and stand in a balanced and stable position.

Step four – use the other foot to push forward like a skateboard. 

Step five – to accelerate the speed, push the throttle on the right handle.

Step six – use the handlebar to go left or right.

Step seven – to slow down the speed use the brake on the left handle.

Step eight – when you are on the move, place both feet on the board. 

Step nine – be sure to use the bike lane when you are riding the scooter.

Step ten – to park the scooter find out a place where there is a bike rack.

Step eleven – when you are done riding the bike, park it and use the app to lock the bird.

Step twelve – after your ride is complete, the app will automatically charge money from the given billing information.


Scooter Riding video Link:-

Stay away from the sidewalks while riding the scooter to avoid accidents 

While parking the scooter be sure to keep the bike away from the pedestrian’s path, entrance ways or places where it can cause hindrance or blockage to move for the general public 

Make sure you lock the bird when your ride is complete. Otherwise, the app will keep charging for your ride. 

While you register on the app, make sure you read through the rules, regulations, penalties, and fees, and so on. 

How to ride a Bird scooter without a license?

To ride a Bird scooter, the user must be 18 or above. Then, to register on the device, the user needs to use the driver’s license. So, it’s not possible to ride a Bird scooter without a license. 

How to ride a Bird scooter after hours?

Usually, bird scooters are rent able until sunset. Then, they are taken by the representatives for charging and make them available from the next day from 7 am. Though it’s beyond the rule to ride after hours, you can work for bird scooters as their representative to access the scooter after hours. 

How old to ride a Bird scooter?

It’s one of the commonly asked questions and important regulations to know to ride a Bird scooter. The user must be an adult of 18 years old and above. It’s not allowed for children, and users cannot ride this vehicle with children. One ride is for one user. 

How to ride an electric bird scooter?

Well, the riding process is the same as mentioned above. But, you need a fully charged scooter. For this, you need to let the app know where you want the scooter. Then, the representatives from Bird will bring an electric scooter, charger, and lock.

Let them know the destination place, and they will also come to pick up the scooter, lock, and charger from the given location. But, this service will soon be available in San Francisco and Barcelona, 

How to ride multiple bird scooters?

Whether you ride one scooter or multiple, the renting method and charge are straightforward. To unlock a bird, you will be charged $1 for the first minute. Then, 10 to 30 cents per minute, depending on which type of scooter you have chosen. You can also rent a scooter for a month. This way, you can ride multiple bird scooters on a monthly basis. 

How to ride two bird scooters at once

Since bird scooter is quite a popular vehicle for college students and young adults, they are eager to know how to ride 2 bird scooters at once. A user can ride one scooter at a time from one device. If you want to pay for two scooters from one account, then you need to set the same billing information on the other phone. 

How to ride a Bird scooter for free? 

The users also tend to look for how to ride a Bird scooter for free. Well, riding a rented scooter is a cost-effective ride, and the charge is also minimal. Though some companies are trying to hack the system, the system has got better and stronger than hacking can never be an option. 

Final thought 

To conclude, riding a bird scooter is easy to use and convenient for all. Before you rent any scooter and ride on the road, be aware of the traffic rules and regulations of the app to have a check on the charges

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