How To Use A Knee Scooter Properly?

How to Use a Knee Scooter properly?

Certainly, having the best knee scooter makes your work life a lot faster. But, whether you have it or not, the moment you think of owning one, the thought definitely crosses your mind is how to use it.

Actually, it’s a concern for most users. In fact, before they purchase one, most users look for the best knee scooter rental for learning to get used to it first. However, you don’t need to worry at all, neither do you need to rent one.

Because learning how to use a knee scooter isn’t any rocket science. On top, here I am going to explain the easiest way to learn and master the technique on how to use a knee scooter. But, before I do so, I would address some of the key information about knee scooter for your understanding.

What is a knee scooter?

A knee scooter is known as a knee walker too. And, the good thing is, there is a wide variety of color, size, features, and other fun accessories available which you can choose for your knee scooter. Basically, it’s a wheel based device where you can rest your knee on the knee resting platform and run the device using the handlebars.

The purpose of using the device is to go from one place to another, resting one leg on the knee rest and move using the other. If you have a leg injury and still want to work or move to different places, then it’s definitely a blessing non-motorized vehicle.

Why do you need a knee scooter?

A knee scooter is an amazing device that brings mobility when a person finds difficult to work due to disability. Whether you are permanently injured or have a leg injury in your knee, foot, or ankle, and the leg is being adversely affected to move, then the knee scooter is designed to assist you.

It helps you to move at the same time give rest to your one leg that is affected. So, if you have had surgery or needs your leg to recover from injury, then the scooter can help you recover without stopping your daily life activities.

Also, it reduces the need to rely on crutches and slowing down your moving pace due to injury. You can let the scooter bear all the weight of your injured leg and easily move at a faster pace using the other leg. The interesting fact about this scooter is none of your legs or arms bear the bodyweight that can cause discomfort when you use crunch.

It’s a hands-free device that allows you to work; however, you want without causing any hindrance in your daily activities.

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How to Use a Knee Scooter properly?

How to use a knee scooter?

Now that you already have a prior understanding of what is a knee scooter and what it is used for, it’s time to know how to use it.

First of all, you need to understand the mechanism of the scooter. Check out every part carefully and how they work. It’s extremely important to know the use of each part.

Since the hand breaks are a crucial part of the device, you need to make sure it’s locked. Otherwise, it won’t be very easy to have control over the device.

Then, put your hands on the hand bars and place the injured or affected leg on the knee rest.

Keep the other leg firmly on the ground and by the scooter. Now, before you move to make sure you are standing well balanced and stable position.

Once you are confident and comfortable, it’s time to unlock the hand brakes.

Then, to move forward, use the leg on the ground to push the scooter forward and backward. This you can move around easily anywhere.

If you need to stop the device, you simply need to put the bodyweight on the ground leg to sop the device. It’s strongly recommended not to use the hand brakes immediately to stop the device.

When you stop, you need to lock the hand brakes again and place the scooter stand in a stable position.

Now to get off the scooter, use the handlebars to support your body weight, and slowly move the affected leg off the scooter.

When to use a knee scooter

Though the knee scooter has been designed to increase mobility for a leg injury, you can use the scooter for other necessities as well. Here are a few cases of when you should or can use a knee scooter.

Before or after ankle surgery when your ankle needs ample rest

During the stage of ankle recovery from sprain or fracture

If you are advised to have surgery

If you are suffering from torn, inflamed or Achilles tendon

If you have any sort of leg disability

If you are suffering from any pain or discomfort due to aging and facing difficulty to walk

When you don’t need to use a knee scooter

A knee scooter is definitely a helpful device if your leg needs support. However, it’s not recommended to use for any type of leg problems. In some cases, it’s actually suggested not to use the device because it can be detrimental to your health. For instance, if you have gone through a knee or hip surgery.

Because the knee scooter requires the support of your knee, and it’s especially suggested for foot or ankle injury. Thus, you should look for a doctor’s suggestion before you use the scooter after hip or knee surgery.

As per the design of the knee scooter, it’s useful to support only one leg because you need the other leg for moving around. So, if you have an injury in both legs, especially ankle and feet, you cannot use the device.

Then, if you find it difficult to stand in a well-balanced and stable position, you should not use the device for safety matters.

Final thought

Finally, using the knee scooter isn’t rocket science. Don’t be afraid to use the device if you have feet or ankle injury. Rather, this device can be the only helping hand that can restore your confidence to move while facilitating in injury recovery.

Now you know how to use a knee scooter, so, when are you going to get the best knee walker scooter for you? Before you do so, don’t forget to seek the doctor’s assistance first!


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