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Pride Mobility Scooter Reviews 2022: Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel

Our honest guide on Pride Mobility Scooter Reviews will help you to increase the knowledge about Mobility Scooter to make a wise choice in this case. The mantra behind the launch of mobility scooter as a mobility aid started by an American company named Pride Mobility Product Corporation.  This company is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of mobility products. The Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Scooter is one of the famous products of Pride Mobility Product Corporation. Their purpose was to modernize the wheelchair to construct it like a traditional motor scooter. It offers great quality and more affordable than powered wheelchairs. This is also budget-friendly for you as well.

Pride Mobility Scooter

They have been doing well because of their thoughts. People who are not able to walk or move alone they are very much comfortable with this scooter than an ordinary powered wheelchair.


Also, it is one of the best-powered wheelchairs in less expensive options. The auto lock-up device makes Go-Go Ultra X three-wheel mobility scooter a popular choice among the customers. Amazon reviews for the Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter were found to be generally positive.



”If you wish to go with four wheels then the best alternative is Spitfire Scout 4 Reviews here.” The Pride GoGo Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Scooter offers the rider a steady ride over the outside environment. It is truly easy for anyone to put together its pieces and it’s actually strong and pleasurable to drive! It can be used both inside and outside.

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The features of this go ultra x mobility scooter that will, of course, make your decision easier for buying this scooter are given below:

Easy to Disassembly

Pride Mobility Scooter

Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter pieces are easy disassembly, the pieces are very lightweight and easy to fit any type of transporting vehicles. Between the parts of the mobility scooter, the highest weight of one is only 28 pounds. So, it’s suitable for setting into a means of transportation. Its total weight is 92 pounds but it has a capacity of 260 pounds to lift. Without feeling exhausted you get it on public transport for its lightweight. The Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter has a comfortable bottomless cushioned stadium seat that folds and can be fit in any type of car trunks.

Fantastic Design

The Pride Go-Go Ultra X comes in 3 wheels has some compatible accessories with a nice looking cup holder, oxygen holder, beautiful cane holder, rear basket and rearview mirror. The scooter handles which offer carry to riders with less hand clumsiness. Your hands and fingers are settled down when you drive this Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter. The durable Go-Go Ultra X handles nine inches rear tires and three inches ground clearance land superior to the other brands.

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Comfortable Revolve Seat

Pride Mobility Scooter



You can drive happily all day long on the padded revolve seat. For easy transfers, just flip up the armrests and revolve your seat! The wheel can be moved forward or back for better reach. The seat can revolve to get on and off easier and is also height flexible. And the support width can be adjusted to inner or outer which will take away any damage.

Battery Durability

Suitable off-board double voltage charger can charge battery pack on-board or off-board. You can go 6.9 miles with a full battery charge and traveling at speeds of up to 4 miles per hour. This scooter is great for use both in the home as well as outside the home. The revolving radius at 32.5 and an overall width of just 19.5 inches. That feature makes this scooter very easy to move through hallways and busy areas comfortably for hours of riding. The anti-tip wheels and rear-wheel drive features add further strength while you are driving. And with an incline rating of eight degrees, this scooter can go up small hills and ramps with ease. For home apply or outside driving, the Go-Go Ultra X is the most wonderful mobility scooter travel choice for you.

Feel Free Every Travels

Pride Mobility Scooter


Compact and trouble-free to transport, the Go-Go Ultra X is ideal for people who will be using their scooter regularly. If you have any sorts of the problem within long distances, it will help you to get there comfortably. This lightweight mobility scooter is ideal for your everyday jobs, daily shopping, outgoing, and many more!

The Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter has a battery pack, which makes it easy to use and an excellent choice for its riders.

There’s also a suitable dual voltage off-board charger you can use to charge your battery pack with or without board. You don’t have to discharge your battery from your car or its storage area. The scooter has charged eight to fourteen hours at least. With a limited operating range and a medium charge range, this mobility scooter performs top for short everyday jobs and for the household activities.

Warranty Issue

Pride Mobility provides a standard warranty for this pride gogo scooter from the original date of purchase. The structure is covered for three years, while the drive train and electronic components are covered for two years to the original purchaser. The battery manufacturer also provides a six-month service contract on the battery. The Pride Mobility Product Corporation is not giving warranty the battery.  But all recondition Go-Go Ultra X units are covered by a six-month warranty from the original date of purchase.

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Shipping Policy and Product Dimensions

The Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter has a free shipping offer and Product Dimensions is 43 inches by 22 inches by  22 inches which are really comfortable things for riders. Now, Let’s see some of the advantages and disadvantages of this Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Scooter.

  • Light-weight and easy disassembly.
  • Suitable off-board double voltage charger.
  • Use it indoor & outdoor purpose.
  • The seat is height flexible.
  • 260 lbs weight capacity.
  • Easy serviceability.
  • Fit simply into the trunk of nearly all cars.
  • It performs well for going climbing.
  • The heaviest piece weighs only 28 pounds.
  • Auto-latching lockup mechanism.
  • Auto-connecting front to rear cable.

  • The maximum speed of 4mph
  • Only travel 6.9 miles on a single charge
  • The base is too short.
  • No Multiple Seating Options.
  • There is No Power Elevating Seat.
  • No Headlight and suspension.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Does it come typically assembled? As in five pieces to put together or do you need to mount wheels, etc?

Answer: It requires just a slight assembly. Wheels are previously mounted, 5 smaller lightweight pieces that fit simply into the trunk of nearly all cars.

Q. Can a one-armed man lift the lever and pull up a seat & take out a seat at a time?

Answer: Yes! If he stands up while pulling the lever and at the same time politely asks someone besides to remove the seat at the exact moment he leaves his seat.

Q. How does it perform going climbing?

Answer: It performs well for going uphill. You must remember that the scooter is fully charged before going uphill.  You use it or not, you have to must charge the gogo scooter battery at least once a week to extend battery durability.

Q. How to transport the Go-Go Ultra X 3-Wheel Travel Mobility Scooter?

Answer: As the Pride Go-GO Ultra X can be divided into five lightweight pieces, you can simply transport it in the trunk of your car or in the back of your van. And with the feather-touch disassembly, you can divide the frame using just one hand. The total weight of the scooter is 92 pounds with the battery and once taken apart, the heaviest piece weighs only 28 pounds. The batteries used for this scooter are 12-volt deep-cycle sense that this scooter is airplane friendly.  But always keep in mind to check with the airline for their specific policy and rules. Although you don’t essentially need a lift system for the Go-Go Ultra X, many people do get them installed on their vehicles. So, it’s suitable to set into a means of transportation.

Final Words about Pride Mobility Scooter reviews

Pride Mobility Scooter Though Go-Go Ultra X mobility scooter has a slow speed and small working range, this lightweight scooter is best for short-range everyday jobs such as shopping or traveling near the hometown. 68% of the Amazon customers provide a 5-star rating to this scooter. The Go-Go Ultra X motorized scooter is huge for getting around indoors as well as taking trips to the mall and grocery store. The best part of this scooter is the auto-latching lock mechanism that permits you to break it down into individual parts with just one hand. People who are not able to travel by themselves for them Go-Go Ultra X Motorized Scooter is the perfect product for their comfort.

Previously if you are sure that this Pride Mobility Scooter Review is good enough for you, don’t forget to check out our other best mobility scooter reviews here.

And if you are still in indecision what to do with your travel mobility scooter, please look through; our website is the only discussion about scooter reviews! So you will find out so a lot of things for your scooter. Thank you for reading this article for such a long time. We love to see your comment in the comment box below if you have any comments, questions, or any pros and cons of Pride Mobility Scooter Reviews that we miss.

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