Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Reviews & Buying Guide 2020

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Best Swagtron Scooter Review – Top Rated Models in 2021 with Buying Guide


If you decided that you want to acquire the best Swagtron scooter or bike to enjoy your commute, but can’t make up your mind as to what model you should purchase, then look no more. We have done some research and after taking into account many client opinions, we came to the conclusion that the Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw is the model you might want to look at. The foldable design of this electric powered bike makes it a good choice, especially if you own a small home, and the storage space may be an issue. The product has three riding modes, ranging from pedal only to full throttle, so you can decide how much help you need as you travel. The fat tires allow you to go off-road and enjoy the natural scenery. If you don’t find this product available online, we also recommend the Swagtron K8 Titan Commuter.

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The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Swagtron Swagger 7 Folding Electric Scooter

This e-scooter is crafted from premium,aerospace-grade metal,chosen for its high strength, density, and best stress resistance.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

wagtron Swagger 8 Folding Electric Scooter

Smart options, optimized ride — conserve battery by manually partaking control.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Swagtron Swagger Classic Foldable Electric Scooter

Gold-Standard client Service – New Swagger Classic e scooters go along with a 1-Year restricted.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Swagtron Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults

Sturdy, outsizes front-wheel – swish and stable riding, even on uneven town pavement.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Swagtron KR1 All-Terrain Dirt Kick Scooter 

High jumps, exhausting landings, no probe – chromo y-bar riser handles.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Swagtron K2 Toddler 3 Wheel Scooter

wheel bicycle options a singular 3 wheel style to forestall tipping over and for additional stability

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Swagtron Glide SK3 Foldable Electric Scooter

The familiarity of a standard kick scooter that delivers boosted speed-control on demand up to 7.5 mph.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Swagtron K5 3-Wheel Kids Scooter

The K5 is a beginner trike scooter that’s durable, lightweight and easy to assemble

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

K1 Girl or Boy Kick Scooter 2 Wheel Adjustable

This boy or girl scooter handles up to 220 lbs. & accommodates kids of all ages with its sturdy 4”x20” deck.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

Swagtron T3 Version 2 Hands Free Smart Board

The T3 can reach speeds of up to 8 MPH and a range of 11 miles on a single charge

8 Best Swagtron Scooter Review in 2020

The Swagtron company has many products for sale to cover each and every one of your daily needs. If you need a good Swagtron electric scooter or bike, you can rely on our research and read everything you should know in the following lines. Surely one of these highly acclaimed products fits your requirements.

1. Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw

1. Swagtron EB-8 Outlaw

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

The EB-8 Outlaw is an electric bike perfectly suited for commuting during rush hours. One of its best features is the foldable frame. It can be stored in tight spaces, such as small car trunks or compact storage spaces. You can ride this bike by putting in as much effort as you want because this vehicle has three assistance levels.

If you feel adventurous, you can take off-road paths with no problems as this model is equipped with fat tires that offer grip and traction over all types of terrain. The tires are 4-inch wide and mounted on wheels that are 20 inches in diameter.

The bike features a full suspension system, which means that bumpy, uneven roads and even dirt tracks pose no issues to your comfort as you ride. Since this bike is powered by an electric motor, you don’t have to worry about any emissions, noise or odors.

  • The bike’s frame can be folded, so you can easily transport it. Moreover, it can be stored in compact spaces or placed in small car trunks.
  • The 4-inch fat tires make this a versatile mountain bike that can handle off-road hills or uneven roads as you commute to work or simply travel.
  • If you choose to, you have the option of completely bypassing the electric assistance and pedal the bike just like you would on a classical one.
  • Because the bike has both front and rear suspension, your riding experience will be extremely comfortable regardless of the path you choose.
  • The bike is small enough to be carried inside an elevator. You can store your bike inside your home, even if you live inside a building complex.

  • Some products have had issues with the electric motors, meaning that they would not start, but those are rare cases and the problems can be fixed.


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2. Swagtron K8 Titan Commuter Kick Scooter for Adults Teens Foldable


The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021This foldable scooter has a sleek design and delivers great performance for a kick scooter. The frame is flexible enough to make your ride comfortable and the 200mm wheels are durable and look good as well. Both wheels are manufactured using ABEC-9 ball bearings which are balanced for precision and stability.

The handle grips are made from a soft yet firm material that provides plenty of grip to the rider and proves to be durable. The deck is wide enough to make the rider sit safely on it and is covered with a grip tape that offers stability and prevents slipping.

The aluminum-alloy stem is adjustable so that you can keep your back straight no matter how tall or short you are. The scooter comes with an included bell so that you can always make your presence known and avoid accidents. Remember to wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads.


  • Both the stem and the handlebars fold down to make this scooter as small as possible and transform it into something easy to transport or store.
  • Unlike other commuter scooters, this model features ABEC-9 ball bearings inside its wheels that facilitate a smooth and stable ride.
  • The installed bell is loud enough to make your presence known to other pedestrians and is easy to use with just one finger.
  • The scooter has a kickstand so that you can leave it standing upright. This way it will not fall and get scratched or dirty and you never have to lean it against something.

  • Some people find this scooter slower than they would have hoped and claim that they feel tired after traveling for long distances.
  • The scooter’s hinges may come loose after a while, especially if you ride it on uneven or bumpy roads.


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3. Swagtron ST047 Elite Pro Stunt Scooter Advanced Competition 


The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

This scooter features a 25.5-inch stem that is made from chrome plated steel and a 20.5×4.3-inch deck manufactured from aluminum. Moreover, the brakes are made from steel, which translates into a responsive stopping power.

The scooter is extremely light, weighing only 8.6 pounds, which means that it’s highly maneuverable. However, it’s able to support users that weigh up to 260 pounds. The product’s low weight combined with the fact that the stem is removable translates into high portability and easy storing.

The wheels have good traction and do not slip. You can ride this scooter with confidence and trust the 110mm wheels that are manufactured from aluminum cores and covered with polyurethane.

The T-bar allows you to firmly grasp the handles while performing 360-degree rotations during mid-air jumps. A CNC Dragon Claw double clamp is firmly attached to the stem and can be tightened or loosened.


  • The stem of this scooter is removable. Therefore the product is easy to store and to transport using public means of transportation.
  • The frame is extremely light, weighing only 8.6 pounds. This Swagtron scooter pro allows you to perform trick jumps with ease, without running out of breath.
  • The wheels are durable as they are made from tough materials. The ABEC-9 ball bearings in combination with the polyurethane wheels give them strength.
  • The adjustable Dragon Claw double clamp can be either tightened or loosened according to the rider’s preferences in order to successfully perform certain scooter tricks.

  • After multiple hard landings, customers noticed that the deck started to bend, even though the rider was within the maximum weight limit.
  • Clients reported that the back wheel cracked in several cases. However, this doesn’t always happen.


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4. K1 Girl or Boy Kick Scooter 2 Wheel Adjustable 40” Kids up to 72” Teens


The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

This scooter has a deck capable of supporting the weights of all children regardless of age. The maximum weight this model can hold is 220 pounds. Its 4×20-inch deck is sturdy and is covered with an abrasive material that prevents the young ones from slipping off.

The product features a 120mm front wheel and a slightly smaller 100mm rear wheel. Both of them, however, are manufactured using ABEC-9 high-quality chrome steel ball bearings. The stem is adjustable and can be set at one of two heights: 40 inches or 72 inches. These two options cover all children riders aged from 7 to 15.

The aluminum alloy frame can be folded and then locked into position so that it’s easy to transport and store. Moreover, this scooter is extremely lightweight as it weighs only 6.42 pounds. These last two features combined mean that any kid can handle this product with no effort at all.


  • The aluminum frame is lightweight and foldable. This leads to great portability and requires almost no effort to be used. Once folded, it can be locked.
  • The deck features a kick-stand. This means that you never have to lean the scooter against a wall or post to keep it upright, or to lay it down.
  • The stem is adjustable to accommodate the heights of children as well as adults. It can be set either to 40” or to 72”.
  • The handles are foldable as well. This way, you never are bothered or poked by them while carrying the scooter around.

  • The scooter is a little heavy for a 5-year-old child, which is the minimum age the manufacturer claims a rider should be in order to use the product.
  • Some customers received a scooter that didn’t have the stem aligned with the front wheel.


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5. Swagtron E30512-2 SwagCycle Classic E-Bike Folding Electric Bicycle


The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

By using a 36-Volt battery and a 350-Watt motor, this electric bike can reach constant speeds of 10 mph. The battery can be completely charged in only 2.5 hours. The aluminum frame is foldable to facilitate storage and easy transportation. Its design makes it possible to fit inside any car trunks with ease.

The display mounted on the handlebars shows you various information regarding your current speed, remaining battery charge, range, and others. Moreover, you can control the headlight, accelerate and brake by using the controls found only on the handlebars. All these controls are literally at your fingertips.

You have the possibility of charging your smartphone or other personal devices as you ride, from a micro USB port found in the battery housing. As this bicycle is powered by an electric motor, you don’t have to worry about emissions or noise pollution. This product is eco-friendly.


  • You have the possibility of charging your smartphone on the go, directly from the bicycle’s battery via a micro USB charging port.
  • To facilitate storage, this product has a light foldable stem that reduces its dimensions and makes storing or transporting an easy task.
  • The battery can be charged to full capacity in just 2.5 hours and once charged, it will have a medium range of approximately 10 miles.
  • The disk brakes are powerful enough to quickly and safely stop the vehicle even from its top speed and the brake levers can be pulled only with one finger.

  • The tires are known to wear out rather quickly. One customer claimed that her bike was mostly used by her young daughter and in two months she had to order a new rear tire.
  • You need to slightly push yourself forward to get the electric motor to start.


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6. Swagtron EB-6 Bandit E-Bike


The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

This fat tire e-bike is a great choice for adventurous people as it features all the necessary accessories to handle rough terrain. The 4-inch tires are mounted on 20-inch wheels and provide all the necessary traction for young children as well as for adults who want to use this product for commuting.

The bike has seven gears that help you navigate over various types of terrain at different speeds. You can shift through these gears with the aid of a high-quality Shimano SIS gear shifter. When it comes to stopping power, the Swagtron EB-6 Bandit uses a dual-lever actuated disk brake system that safely brings the bike to a stop.

The bike can support a maximum load of 264 pounds or 120 kg and it’s powered by a 350W electric motor. The top speed is 18.6 mph or 30 km/h. The bike can climb 25-degree slopes using only its electric motor.

  • If you want or need to, you can turn off the electric motor assistance and just pedal by yourself and save the battery.
  • The Shimano 7 gear shifter does a great job in getting you through the gears and facilitates easy pedaling through various types of terrain.
  • The bike has an IPX4 rating, which means that it’s water resistant and can withstand splashes against its components as you pedal through rainy weather or puddles.
  • The kickstand features a lock that prevents unexpected movements or releases while you are away from the bike.

  • Some clients have reported that their electric motor started to cause problems after around 40 miles of use.
  • The vehicle does not come with protective fenders on its wheels. This means that you will get wet or dirty if you go through puddles or on muddy roads.


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7. Swagtron Cali Drift Three-Wheel Electric Scooter Folding E-Scooter


The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

This three-wheeled scooter is designed to provide maximum stability. The product has two front wheels and one rear wheel, which translates into a more spacious, wider deck entirely covered with grip tape to prevent slipping. Due to its unusual looks, this scooter model brings a modern twist for riders of all ages who use it to get around.

The handlebars can be adjusted according to your height so that you can always keep your back straight. Moreover, the bars have a unique curved design that offers you the possibility of gripping them from multiple angles. This enhances the comfort levels and reduces the strains on your wrists.

The vehicle is powered by a 250W electric motor that can reach speeds of up to 15.5 mph or 25 km/h. Provided you ride the Swagtron Cali Drift only at cruising speeds, the lithium-ion battery can power the scooter for 9.3 miles from a single charge.

  • Even though the deck of this e-scooter is fairly wide, the product doesn’t take a lot of space, especially once you fold over the stem.
  • The scooter has an ergonomic handle design which allows you to hold onto them from multiple sides. This enhances the comfort factor as well as your control.
  • The scooter features two brake systems. One can be activated with your finger, as it’s located right on the handlebars and the second one is the classical foot brake.
  • The three-wheel design gives the scooter more stability as the deck is wider. This also implies that you don’t need a kickstand to prevent the scooter from falling over.

  • Clients reported that after approximately a month of use, the nuts and bolts holding the battery pack are coming loose, and there is the risk of losing them.
  • The way this scooter turns throws you off balance as the whole deck tilts while the front wheels turn.


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8. Swagtron Pro Foldable Electric Scooter w Cruise Control 14.2 Mile Range

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

This e-scooter is designed to cover long distances with only one charge. With a full battery, you can travel 14.2 miles. The 250-watt electric motor accelerates this scooter up to 15.5 mph and can drive it up 25-degree steep inclines. Its maximum weight capacity is 220 pounds.

It can be quickly folded in two easy steps and moved around or stored in a small place. When you ride this vehicle you have the option of activating cruise control. By simply pressing a button your e-scooter will maintain its current speed and you will not have to worry about accelerating anymore. This is especially useful on straight, long roads.

The product features a quick-charge battery that has many safety characteristics, such as protection from overheating, overcharging or under voltage. Moreover, the 1.5-amp charger is capable of completely charging the battery in less than 3 hours.

  • The scooter features smart management when it comes to charging the battery and automatically powers off if it overheats or detects other malfunctions.
  • The cruise control option is a convenient feature as it allows you to effortlessly travel over longer distances without thinking about your current speed.
  • The frame is foldable. Therefore you can take the scooter with you inside an elevator, store it somewhere in your house or transport it in a car trunk.
  • The range of this scooter is higher than most other vehicles of this type. Covering 14.2 miles with one charge proves a great advantage for commuters.

  • The build quality is low. Customers say that it falls apart after a few weeks of use. Bolts are coming loose and the kickstand comes off.
  • The scooter may come to you with electrical issues. It is possible for it not to charge at all.


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Yearly Guide & Report

As cities become more and more crowded, traveling for short distances and commuting by car is not an efficient solution anymore to get to your destination. During rush hours the only things you do is pollute the air, waste car fuel, and get frustrated. In addition, you can’t be punctual in these conditions.

The smart solution for you would be to acquire an electric vehicle, such as a Swagtron Swagger collapsible electric scooter and weave through traffic, leaving angry car drivers behind. However, before enhancing your commuting experience, and defeating heavy traffic, there are a few things you should consider because there are many types of e-rideables and not all of them may suit your needs.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021


Even if your commute is not extremely long, keep in mind that you have to travel this route daily. In addition, you may want to ride your electric scooter or bike during weekends. Moreover, the routes you choose are not always paved with smooth tarmac and potholes may pose an inconvenience. These are the main reasons why you should consider the comfort aspect.

If your roads are bumpy or you know that you have to travel on off-road terrain, like on a path through a park, you must pay attention primarily to the vehicle’s suspensions and whether or not the wheels of the scooter are solid. If the scooter we are talking about does not feature suspensions or air-filled tires, your wrists will receive the full forces caused by any potholes.

If you buy a scooter you also want for it to have a minimal give in its vertical handlebar. This will further absorb the shocks caused by any bumps in your path. However, you don’t want your handlebar to have too much play, as it will feel loose and unpredictable while cruising at higher speeds.

Battery and range

If you use your e-bike or e-scooter almost every day, it is extremely convenient for it to have high-capacity batteries that will assist you so that you don’t have to recharge the batteries quite as often. Unfortunately, the manufacturer’s claims are many times exaggerated and at the same time can be confusing.

The truth is that the statistics are extremely dependent on a large array of variables. In real life,  the battery life is affected by many things, such as the user’s weight, terrain, the frequency of accelerating and braking and even wind resistance. All these factors dramatically affect the battery life of your product and in consequence, its range.

Even though the manufacturer states the battery size (Ah), this information is not complete or very useful without also knowing its nominal voltage (V). Only after you know these two values, you can multiply them together to find out the capacity (Wh).

If all the manufacturers would write this attribute on all of their products, then clients would benefit from a more transparent and honest description.

Top speeds

Generally, when it comes to e-scooters and other electric-powered vehicles there are two defined speeds. There is the top speed and there is the cruising speed, which has a value at which you can safely ride. Many times, the manufacturers will state an extremely high value for the top achievable speed, just to have a justification for a high price.

However, that speed, although achievable, is not always safe for the rider and the vehicle can’t be ridden that way for a long period of time. Some scooters have their advertised top speed as high as 20 mph, but if they were not designed to cruise at those speeds, you risk serious injuries. Those vehicles would need professional suspension systems and large wheels filled with air.

Smart accessories

Modern e-bikes and scooters feature smart displays that show you various information regarding your speed, battery level, range, power and many more. In addition, they allow you to customize your riding experience and set different assistance levels. Moreover, you can turn on or off the lighting systems.

If you choose, you can stop the electric motor completely and ride your bike or scooter the classical way, by pedaling or by pushing yourself. As the use of e-rideables is extremely customizable, you must think about how you’ll use your bike or scooter before actually acquiring one so that you can make a wise choice.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021
About Swagtron

The Swagtron company is centered around mobility. It is innovating the ways through which people can move around on electric rideable vehicles and is a leader when it comes to marketing these products. It sells a large array of electric products, ranging from simple hoverboards and skateboards to scooters and bikes, many electric powered, of course.

It is committed to making these items affordable and accessible for everybody. It sells products for all genders and ages so that the whole family can enjoy the Swagtron fun experience. Some of its highly acclaimed products include the Swagtron Urban Rider self balancing scooter and Swagtron Swagger electric scooter.

The company has a vertically integrated business model, which means that it manages to cover the whole chain of design and production. Everything from designing, manufacturing, development, sales, and distribution is handled by the company with great efficiency and professionalism.

Swagtron also sells parts and accessories on its website, such as carrying bags for your hoverboards, every model of Swagtron scooter charger destined for various electric products, electronic locks, classical helmets, Bluetooth helmets with incorporated speakers, and t-shirts.


Student discount

The brand has a vision of a world where commuting does not pollute the air or the sound and everyone enjoys going to work or classes safely and effortless. Swagtron would like to make this vision achievable for students especially. As most schedules get tighter and university campuses grow, getting to class is quite a hassle for many students.

This is precisely the reason why Swagtron offers a 10% discount for students. All students have to do is to register using Student Beans in order to have their student status checked and they will receive a discount code. By using this code at checkout, they receive a 10% discount that applies to their order.

Warranty information and limitation of liability

Swagtron products benefit from a limited warranty that addresses only to the original buyer and covers every defect found in the parts out of which the product is made and every workmanship error. This warranty is valid under normal use conditions for a period of 12 months from the date stipulated on the invoice.

The warranty is only for the original client that bought the product and can not be transferred to another person. Under these conditions, the company will replace or repair the product at no expense, using brand new components or refurbished ones. Although the replacements can be different, they will still be functional.

Any other problems that do not result from conditions, damage or malfunctions that are a consequence of improper workmanship or defect materials are not covered by this Limited Warranty. These problems may include but are not limited to: accidents, road hazards, improper maintenance and operation.

In no case shall the company be liable for any direct or indirect damages, loss of time, inconvenience, loss of the product related to the acquiring or use of the product. Swagtron is not responsible for personal injuries, death or property damage.


The Swagtron company has an office located at 3431 William Richardson Dr., Suite F, South Bend IN 46628. This location is not for product acquiring or pickup. To buy products you can access its online store.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021
What are people saying about Swagtron products?

Swagtron is a company that sells electric rideables, such as hoverboards, electric bikes, and scooters. It has a large array of products, including accessories. Anyone can purchase these items from its online store, a site where people can also find out more about these vehicles. The company’s marketing is exceptional, but what are the customers saying?

Even though the company manages to point out its products’ advantages and technical characteristics, there are cases where people were not pleased by the quality and/or functionality of their ordered items. Because the company sells these items primarily online, clients take a small risk when ordering its products.

This has always been the case with online stores. You remain in the comfort of your home, but you can’t look at more than just some enhanced photographs of the item or videos with paid actors using the product with a smile on their face. At the same time, there is no way for you to actually feel or test ride what you are about to purchase.

This is why the most reliable alternative source of information remains the Swagtron scooter reviews. The more detailed they are, the more useful they are. This is especially true if people attach pictures to their comments, to further support their claims.

High ratings

Customers liked the foldable design

As people began to buy Swagtron products, they returned to leave comments and reviews. Customers like the apparel and design of the products they acquired as they are pretty much identical to what is shown in the online advertisement materials. A recurrent feature of the Swagtron scooters and electric bicycles is the fact that they can be folded.

People appreciate this feature because they don’t need any specialized tools to fold the frames or stems and it allows them to easily transport their vehicle from one place to another with minimum effort. Once folded, customers can take their Swagtron product inside an elevator, place it in the trunk of a small car, or store it with ease anywhere in their small homes.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

The detailed user manual was much appreciated

The items are delivered with complete and detailed user manuals so that you can find out everything you need to know about all the features and functionalities of your specific product. Many customers have encountered problems while trying to get the electric motors to run, but once they read the manual they learned that the problem was trivial and simple to resolve.

For example, all they needed to do was to put the scooter in the right gear before trying to start it or the battery was simply depleted. This may seem simple or obvious solutions to some people, but remember that these products are often bought by people with no mechanical skills or young teenagers and a good user manual is always welcome.


Some loved the versatility and freedom of movement these scooters offer

Besides the user manuals, clients appreciate the price to value ratio of these products. Some say that you can find the same quality products in other places but they cost twice as much. Most of the customers think that bikes are extremely fun, and they enjoy taking them camping.

The nice thing about the electric powered bikes is that you almost always have the option of adjusting the assistance levels. This way you can enjoy a classical pedaling-only experience and at the same time you can save up the battery for challenging terrains, such as hills, or tracks that do not provide as much grip as you would want.


Others enjoyed the high-tech accessories and easy controls

Even cheap Swagtron scooters are fitted with high tech accessories, such as graphic displays that show you all sorts of information regarding your travel speed, battery levels, range, gear, etc. People claim they are intuitive to use and easy to understand. As most controls are right at your fingertips, you don’t have any problems in getting the most out of your ride.


Low ratings

When people are reading product reviews, they generally pay more attention to the low rating ones and they are wearier when previous customers give 1 or 2 stars out of 5. The advantages and the qualities of a product are already stated and advertised by the seller or manufacturer. However, the disadvantages can only be learned from clients who already bought the item.

The Top 7 Swagtron Scooter Buying Guide 2021

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Some buyers complained about the difficulty of ordering new parts

When it comes to Swagtron products, many customers encountered problems when they tried to get in contact with the manufacturer and order spare parts. The company wouldn’t honor the clients’ request but instead requested the item should be sent back to them for repairs. This was, of course, an inconvenience as the client had to pay for the shipping and many refused.

Therefore, many Swagtron product owners say that their scooters or bikes are now unusable and have become nothing more than just extremely expensive towel racks in their garages. The problems occur in poor quality components that seem to wear out rather quickly. These parts include tires, clamps, scooter decks that bend, etc.

The company refused to honor some repair requests

Sometimes, when clients asked for spare parts or repairs and would have agreed to pay for shipping, the Swagtron company would respond that the clients’ issues are mere cosmetical and those are not covered by the warranty.

The customers disagreed and argued that the falling nuts and bolts that were responsible for holding the battery rack in place are more than just a cosmetic issue. However, the company refused, in that particular case anyway, to repair the product.

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